With Twitter for Mac dead, here are the best Twitter apps for Mac

With Twitter for Mac dead, here are the best Twitter apps for Mac 1

Last month, Twitter introduced that it was finishing support for its computer Mac Twitter patron today. The app has been deserted for months (years?) before that, so it wasn’t precisely a large loss, but it meant that I had to migrate to a new app. Believe it or no longer, I’ve used Twitter for Mac until the very quiet. Below is my roundup of Mac’s quality Twitter patron apps currently available: Tweetbot, Twitterrific, and TweetDeck. Personal preference is a huge component right here, so I separated some man or woman impressions too …


Twitter for Mac is now not available to download and is formally unsupported as of these days, March sixteen. Users are already noticing that they can no longer log in and use the Twitter for Mac app and see ‘couldn’t authenticate you’ and ‘private account’ errors. So, what’s the first-class alternative? Twitter clients are like weather apps. They all do the same primary component, with a few leeways for brand new techniques and design to set them apart. With the official Twitter for Mac app now discontinued using Twitter, right here’s a recap of the pleasure of having clients on macOS. All of these apps are available in the Mac App Store.


Tweetbot ($nine. Ninety-nine) Tweetbot’s appearance and feel are closest to Twitter for Mac. The widespread interface concept is equal; tabs at the left, scrollable portrait column at the proper. You can click on a tweet to push a detailed view of records, with an easy left-proper navigation hierarchy of content material. If you have got a couple of accounts, you may switch by tapping at the profile image inside the top left. Twitter for Mac turned into a piece higher in this regard; other account icons would always be visible inside the sidebar and now not hidden at the back of a two-step selection.

Tweetbot has a very wealthy array of mute filters, rules that you could set never to see tweets that meet certain situations. For instance, if a sports sport is going on which you don’t care approximately, you may add a key-word mute that best lasts for an afternoon. If a troll regularly sends abuse, you may make a mute clear out for the consumer and set it to remaining forever. Tweetbot has a pleasing ad-hoc columns option where you could snap windows collectively. It’s commonly designed as a one-column app. However, the flexibility to feature a list or search term at the facet as wished is welcomed. Feeding my arrogance, Tweetbot for Mac consists of an Activity view of mentions, likes, and observe notifications.

For people coming from Tweetbot for iPhone, probably the most popular 1/3-celebration iOS customer, you could count on an acquainted experience. It’s no longer 1:1, but you’ll experience it right at home. Do now not assume all capabilities to be a gift even though. The Mac model has traditionally lagged at the back of the iOS version in getting new functions. Still, Tweetbot customers will be right at domestic right here. And with the go-tool sync of timeline position and mute filters, it’s probably the high-quality preference for individuals who already use Tweetbot on iPhone and iPad, like me.

Twitterrific ($7.99, typically $19.99)

Twitterrific’s flagship characteristic is the unified timeline. This aggregates your important tweets from people you observe, your direct messages, your mentions into a single domestic timeline. In this manner, you don’t have to check more than one tabs to be a Twitter completionist; you may scroll one feed from bottom to pinnacle. Tabs for such things as mentions and DMs nonetheless exist if you need to attend in a single specific category of content. Twitterrific additionally uses the idea of ‘muffle’ in place of a strict mute. You can filter customers, hashtags, specific words, net area, or superior regex expressions. Instead of hiding the content material completely, a muffled tweet seems within the feed as an unmarried line with a maximum of its content material hidden until discovered with a click on. If you actually don’t want to see something, you can upgrade the muffle to a mute and cover it absolutely.

Drilling down into a tweet launches a popover detail view, making it sense like a contemporary macOS piece of software. The popover dismisses itself mechanically while you have interaction with some other tweet. If you need something extra everlasting, you may drag the popover out, and it turns into a real window. Handy. Twitterrific additionally has plenty of look customization alternatives, although a few functions like an Activity view that a greater mature customer would offer (Twitterrific become re-released as a ground-up rewrite remaining yr).

TweetDeck (Free)

Whilst technically an app that you could download from the App Store, TweetDeck for Mac is a fragile wrapper around the internet app. It is begrudgingly protected in this list of the best Twitter apps because it’s miles now the best reliable customer for macOS, with Twitter for Mac useless. This means, in general, it will get access to the newest Twitter functions first, even though this isn’t usually the case.

TweetDeck is the simplest purchaser that may display polls in tweets. For example, Twitter does no longer but expose polls in the API available to 0.33-birthday celebration developers. It additionally has an actual Activity feed of likes, retweets, and mentions as a primary-party client. Third-birthday party customers need to faux their very own, which aren’t as characteristic-wealthy — in case you care approximately tracking engagement, TweetDeck might be your excellent wager.

The trademark characteristic of TweetDeck is its columns. You can set up many timelines of diverse perspectives aspect-through-side in an unmarried window, all updating in real-time. Columns for customers, columns for seeking queries, columns for lists, columns for trending, and much greater. TweetDeck is a splendid fullscreen app if you need to get absorbed in real-time content; this is a huge cause why social media managers rely upon TweetDeck. It’s now not for the casual man or woman.

Personal Takes

The above turned into a precis of the defining features and disadvantages of every one of the customers. Below is a few more subjective mind, if you are inquisitive about my private alternatives. Observed that the unified timeline layout forces you to be extra liberally set up muffle guidelines in checking out Twitterrific. Because mentions are supplied inside the equal view as whatever else, there’s more of a want to do spring cleaning and reduce beside-the-point tweets or users you don’t want to look at. The unified timeline is a groovy idea, but I don’t assume I may want to use it full-time.

My Twitter account is famous enough that a big percentage of the timeline enough mentions, Too often, it would display my garbage (like di. Toouman beings retweeting a post ‘thru @bzamayo’) that I am not inquisitive about seeing. There is truely a convenience to seeing the entirety in a single scrolling waterfall, although shade-coded issues make it clear which type of tweet came from.

Screen Shot 2018-03-sixteen at 10.01.Fifty-six Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.03.44

As a purveyor of multiple Twitter accounts for diverse functions, it seems ordinary to me that the ‘unified timeline’ can not coalesce tweets from multiple accounts into one window. One element it offers for a couple of account users is the ability to quickly RT regardless of which consumer window you are in; right-click on the retweet button, and pop up a drop-down of accounts to choose from. Tweetbot has this too however doesn’t consist of the avatar photographs inside the context menu, and one way or the other, my brain reveals it an awful lot harder to be confident that I clicked the proper one if the picture isn’t there.

As a person with a task that, as a minimum, partly depends on keeping up with current information, TweetDeck is appealing, but I might by no means use it. It simply reeks of being an internet app. You can sense the HTML inside the fabric of the app with the whole lot you click on. Even if it changed into a native app, TweetDeck is a case of facts overload. There’s so that a lot of stuff onscreen seeking to thieve your interest.

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