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Tips to tackle 5 of the most satisfying DIY projects

(BPT) – What’s your favorite DIY mission you’ve ever completed? Chances are the solution pops properly into your mind, or even in case you’ve completed loads of DIY initiatives through the years, you likely have a few that genuinely stand out.

For those who weren’t at the top of your list, perhaps the end result wasn’t what you hoped for, the mission wasn’t especially profitable otherwise you’ve carried out it earlier than.

The following five initiatives are probably new on your listing, but they’re positive to enhance your own home and turn out to be your new favorite DIY achievement.

* Clean your water with a brand new filter out the gadget. Cut the expenses and litter of bottled water while being environmentally conscious with this project. Breach your contemporary water line to solder in a brand new shut-off valve, drill a new faucet hollow and attach this line to the filter out and you’ll be taking part in the filtered water right away. U.S. Landfills are already overflowing with more than 2 million heaps of discarded water bottles. You can revel in the peace of mind understanding which you’re not adding to them.

* Breathe easier. Why stop at clean water on your property when you could also revel in purifier air? Renting an air scrubber can let you dispose of invisible — yet unhealthy — gases, particles, and chemicals from your property’s air. Your nearby condo supply saves will help you discover the proper air scrubber in your location to make sure you’re disposing of the pollutants that remember maximum.

* Update and refresh your ceilings. Popcorn is extraordinary at the movies. On your ceiling? Not so much. Spray your ceiling with heat water, and scrape away the popcorn itself with a drywall scraper. Collect these contents on a tarp and toss them. You’re then geared up to patch any holes because of overzealous scraping before priming and portray your emblem-new ceiling.

* Give your fixtures a facelift. If that upholstered furniture isn’t looking as sharp today as it as soon as did, don’t accept it or update it. Rent an upholstery cleaner alternatively and give each piece of furnishings a once-over. This easy project can dramatically improve the appearance of your maximum cherished pieces and prevent giant cash over a pricey substitute.

* Let there be light. If natural mild is a hassle in your house, it could be that your window treatments are accountable. Large drapes and curtains can deliver your own home a dated look and rob your rooms of the light they need. Instead, lose those old window remedies and deploy vertical blinds or shutters. These new, lighter treatments will provide you with better management of the mild and privateness in your property than their older opposite numbers.

Tackle your new assignment nowadays

Five new initiatives. Which one speaks to you? There’s not anything stopping your development, and every finished project benefits you, your family and your own home.

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5 Travel Insurance Tips for Backpackers

Many backpackers will believe us that journey failure have become more common each day. Staying in pre-booked hotels and following a fixed, pre-planned pattern isn’t always something backpackers swore through, in contrast to other travelers. This is the purpose backpacking comes with an exceptional set of dangers and therefore the journey coverage for them is a bit special from what is obtainable to the everyday clientele.

Backpacking is one of the exceptional methods to travel because it takes the tourist to the coronary heart of the vicinity and the belongings you find out even as backpacking is a whole lot greater exciting than following a set sample. Therefore, to assist backpackers to minimize risks and revel in their trip more, we’ve come up with a few tips that they want to be privy to:

1. Be Aware Of What Coverage You Need
Backpacking tourists need to make sure that the insurance protected by their travel insurance coverage is simplest what they could actually require. For example, if backpackers do not stay in hotels and prefer to set their personal camp, a insurance for lodge booking is not needed when they get a journey insurance coverage. Some of the things that backpackers have to have protected are: luggage, clinical prices, emergency experience interruption and passport loss coverage.

2. Describe Your Activities
When you are consulting or looking for the ideal travel coverage cowl, it is a good idea to properly describe the sports you frequently interact in whilst backpacking. This may be something like hiking unknown trails, bungee leaping, skiing, dangle gliding, mountain climbing, diving and so forth. Not mentioning sports just like the aforementioned activities should make your tour insurance cover invalid in case you are ever injured at the same time as participating in the sports which you failed to mention. Therefore look cautiously via aaa journey coverage opinions and simplest take up the policy that covers clinical injuries sustained because of sure sports which you regularly participate in at some point of backpacking.

3. Look for the Exclusions
No journey coverage cover can provide you with the entirety and there are some things that each cowl excludes. You want to aware of the things that may be excluded and received’t have an effect on you appreciably. Some of the matters which are excluded are pre-present scientific conditions, total fee healing at some point of baggage loss (handiest a limited quantity is paid and convalescing the complete amount is tough), emergency evacuation will include conditions and many others. Most of those exclusions may be averted by means of upgrading your insurance cowl or via shopping a plan early on.

Four. Compare
Backpackers commonly go along with the glide and do now not invest a considerable sum of money to pre-plan or pre ebook everything earlier than they leave for their ride. Therefore journey cancellation coverage isn’t something this is extremely essential to them however still think of the scenarios that could pressure you to cancel the whole ride. Also, preserve in mind the losses economic smart that you may get better. There are distinctive styles of trip cancellation insurance and it is better to evaluate the whole lot earlier than creating a desire. You can compare different forms of things other than trip cancellation insurance to make a more knowledgeable preference.

5. Storage
Store your tour coverage papers in a plastic cowl or keep them secure and at ease in a virtual vicinity. If you’ll have a web connection at some point of the period of your ride, shop the files for your cloud or an online garage platform. A revealed reproduction works for most backpackers due to the fact they are without problems accessible in far-off areas in which your internet might not paintings otherwise you pc would possibly run out of strength.

The above had been some hints that backpackers can comply with whilst doing away with a tour insurance cover. We were hoping that this text helped make your next backpacking journey a bit safer by means of minimizing all the dangers.

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3 Tips on Internet Marketing for Ecommerce Websites

Starting an e-commerce keep is a big enterprise, which takes an investment of time, effort and money. If you’ll place so much into a website, possibilities are you need it to be successful, right? In order for your website to be successful and stand out in a realm that is flooded with people trying to promote all types of objects and offerings, you need to have a sturdy Internet advertising plan to your e-commerce website online. This, too, with take effort and time; but, it’s going to all be nicely well worth it whilst you see a huge amount of traffic and conversions on your e-commerce website online. Finding the proper video manufacturing and advertising company is a vital a part of making your website a success.

The following information will provide you a step by step guide to the best ways to marketplace your e-commerce keep and find fulfillment.

1. Habits of Effective E-commerce Stores
There are e-commerce stores that have a big quantity of fulfillment and this isn’t by means of threat or success. There are certain things that need to be practiced, in case you want for your store to achieve success as well, which encompass:

Think like a customer: This way which you put your merchandise in multiple class. When you’re making your products or services clean to find then you will be able to create extra satisfaction for your buyers and locate go selling possibilities by selling items collectively that make logical feel.
Keep it simple: There are too many e-commerce websites that make navigation too complex or try to create too many pages. If the procedure of shopping and checking out is too tough, chances are you may no longer acquire many conversions.
Use the Power of Images and Video: The old pronouncing “an image is well worth a thousand phrases” has specific which means here. Studies have shown that customers not study, but scan content. This means which you want to have text that is brief and sweet and specified pix and videos a good way to “promote” your product or service.
These are widespread guidelines that any a successful e-commerce site ought to comply with the intention to be successful. While you may have some success without these suggestions, you’ll be aware a huge increase in both site visitors and conversions when you put into effect those ideas.

2. The Power of Video
As referred to earlier than, films are effective tools which can assist growth both traffic and conversions for your e-commerce web page. There are four essential reasons for this fact, which include:

Video provides you with a very good source of content material so as to rank well in search engine results.
A video provides customers with greater product data.
Videos can assist to build customer relationships.
Videos are extraordinarily clean to share through social media.
The video is a precise supply that should be used to your e-commerce save. You can use it to highlight your merchandise; you can create patron critiques or actually generate a powerful commercial for your product. Video has been verified over and over to achieve consequences for your visitor’s wishes.

To give your video a great danger of success, bear in mind using a nice device like green display screen software to make it more attractive. Creating an enjoyable and informative video is an excellent manner to spark the eye of recent clients. If your video is accomplished effectively, it’ll get shared all around the net.

Three. Don’t Do Everything On Your Own
One of the largest mistakes you can make together with your new online commercial enterprise venture is attempting to do everything on your own. While there are a number of tasks you may need to handle, a few jobs will require some professional help. Working with a good marketing company is a remarkable manner to avoid errors and growth your level of fulfillment.

The cash paid to those marketing professionals may be well worth it considering the outcomes they could provide.

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From Internet of Things to Insights of Things – 14 design tips by Doug Beaudet, VP Experience Design, Honeywell

Doug Beaudet is the Vice President for Global Experience Design at Honeywell. He was earlier Global Director for Experience Design at Whirlpool and Senior Research Programme Manager at Eastman Kodak.

Doug, who graduated from Virginia Tech and University at Buffalo, spoke at SAP Labs’ current Design Talks meetup in Bengaluru on how innovation is pushed through middle technology, connected additives, and powerful design. Here are 14 takeaways from his interactive consultation, moderated with the aid of SAP’s layout evangelist Visvapriya Sathiyam.

This publish is a part of YourStory’s d-Zen (‘design Zen’) series of articles. See additionally the layout suggestions with the aid of digital media guru Monika Bielskyte on developing worlds with VR and AR, and practitioner insights from the Design4India and DesignUp meetings.

Industry benchmarks are now from the consumer sector

Consumer area products which include smartphones are actually putting the layout bar for business product manufacturers. Industrial designers additionally want their products to look and experience as cool because the iPhone – because increasingly clients are the usage of smartphones and apps.

Industrial merchandise wants to be handy and monitored through apps. Many of Honeywell’s products along with air purifiers now have an app interface with dashboards and management capabilities. The company is now trying to be the “Apple of the industrial sector”, Dough explained.

The design is now related
We are residing in a world of increasingly more linked gadgets and environments, thanks to IoT and ubiquitous wi-fi networks. “Customer insights are the proper enabler of related devices,” stated Doug. (See also my opinions of the books Connected through Design and Code Halos.)

He drew on Honeywell’s huge work in rising fashions of related homes, intelligent factories, and clever homes. Impacts of linked design variety from safety and safety to productivity and new offerings.

Use layout to reduce complexity
The design isn’t just about what a product looks like or approximately creating client preference, but how smooth it’s far to use, keep and repair. “Design is not only a bright object,” stated Doug.
Early air purifiers have been complex to maintain and required lots of tools and manuals. Honeywell’s new purifiers have lower back covers that may be without problems unhinged. There are indicators that mirror what the air best is inside and outside the rooms and faraway-control options via apps. There also reminders for clear out replacement. The product in China is offered thru regionally famous channels along with JD.Com.

Leverage facts to synthesize higher merchandise
Data can be incorporated from more than one resources to provide unified perspectives of a setting. Honeywell has designed heads-up shows (HUD) for pilots that may be used even all through conditions of fog and haze.

Such synthetic vision systems boom situational attention. Impacts encompass improved safety for pilots and passengers, much fewer flight delays, and much less congestion at airports.

Unmesh Kulkarni, Visvapriya Sathiyam, Doug Beaudet, Lakshman Seshadri
Increase design sensitivity
Not everyone will take up the design as a profession, but it’s miles imperative for techies and managers to understand the significance of layout and the way to paintings with designers. It is vital to no longer just construct a design team, however, ensure that the cost of a layout is favored throughout the business enterprise, via education and workshops.

Honeywell becomes founded in 1906 but delivered a formal design branch only in 2012. It now has 300 designers in 12 studios throughout towns inclusive of Seattle, Austin, Phoenix, Mexico City, Beijing, Shanghai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Sydney, and Brno. The organization also invests heavily in training fashionable managers approximately design.

The design team have to work with enterprise leaders and operational managers to build an internal language layout and bake it into existing approaches, systems and gear. For example, there should be normally agreed upon formats for customer journey maps and stakeholder engagement.

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How to use a VPN

The growing popularity around VPNs has been well documented and comes as a response to security fears online (and perhaps add to observe Netflix from every other united state). We explain what precisely a VPN is and the way to get one installation.

First, allow us to in short give an explanation for what a VPN and how it works is to get you commenced. VPN stands for digital private community and there are numerous reasons why you would possibly want to use one.

One is that a VPN prevents humans from spying on you while you use the net, and that is useful if you journey with a computer, phone or tablet and get entry to WiFi hotspots in public places. It does the same issue whilst you’re using the net at home, or inside the office.

A VPN also can be used to make it seem like you are positioned in another country. This can free up offerings that are blocked out of your actual region, for example, you may watch seize-up TV like BBC iPlayer whilst on the excursion or a commercial enterprise trip overseas. Some VPNs even allow you to watch US Netflix inside the UK.

There are many VPNs and most require a subscription. We have separate articles that percentage our favorite free VPNs and paid-for VPNs, however right here we give an explanation for extra about what a VPN is, why you might want one and also suggest multiple our favorites proper here.

Below we are the usage of NordVPN to demonstrate the system of installing and putting in a VPN. This technique can be implemented in many different VPN offerings however with slight variations. NordVPN is our favorite service available proper now, but it is a paid-for option so might not in shape everyone and there are options to be had with exclusive benefits that you may need to discover in case you’re now not positive.

How to use a VPN
The first factor you will need to do to be able to start the use of a VPN is to sign up for the provider of your choice and download it. If you’ve got selected NordVPN, go to its website and click Buy Now. Most VPN offerings have 3 degrees relying on how lengthy you need to commit for, and most have a cash lower back guarantee that’ll reassure you in case you aren’t completely sure whether or not a VPN is going to work for you.

Once you’ve signed up, you may need to download and install the app on your Mac or PC. Then, launch the app to get began.

Once the app is open, you will want to pick out a server to hook up with. You would possibly see a list of countries or a map. In the case of NordVPN, you may pick to look the servers in either view.

The area of the server you hook up with is then your virtual vicinity, which means the net thinks that you are in that vicinity right now. That’s why the server you select will in large part rely on what you need to use the VPN for.

If you want to connect with US Netflix you may need to pick a US-primarily based server, or for BBC iPlayer you will need a UK-primarily based server. Of direction, it is critical to note that doing so is going towards each offerings phrases and situations so accomplish that at your personal hazard.

Once you have chosen which server fits you high-quality, you will need to connect to it. NordVPN has a huge button at the pinnacle that allows you to connect to the server whilst you’re equipped and disable the relationship at any time.

Most VPN services have a kill transfer in order to terminate your connection and hold to defend your privacy if the VPN server itself receives disconnected too.

To test whether or not the connection is operating, you could use BrowserSPY’s Geolocation web page to peer where your IP address area is. It should be kind of the vicinity of the server you selected, in preference to your actual location. If it’s miles, your VPN is operating.

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4 iOS News App Tips You Need To Know

Apple’s News app is AWESOME–in case you know how to use it!
One of the satisfactory apps covered in iOS 11 is Apple’s News app. The app has been around since iOS 10, however, in the most recent launch of the OS, it was given a massive replace.

Yet, as it’s one among iOS’s many “inventory” apps, the majority delete it without ever trying it or truly relegate it to a wayward folder on the house display screen. But as someone who loves the News app, I’m going to say those humans are creating a mistake.

The news is a first-rate app–once you understand a way to tailor it to your pursuits and use all the hidden features within it. In this article, we’ll cowl the ones hidden capabilities and customizations.

However, do remember that News is handiest to be had to humans inside the US, UK, and Australia in the intervening time, so when you have an iOS device in a country other than those three, you’ll no longer discover News on that device at the moment.

IOS News App: Personalize Your News Feed
When you first launch the news app you’ll be provided with fairly usual news categories and current affairs. While this beginners series of stories is high-quality, News will become a good deal extra interesting (and addictive) after you tell the app what kind of things and courses you are inquisitive about.

Thankfully, Apple makes personalizing your Newsfeed quite easy.

In the News app tap on the Following button (it’s coronary heart-shaped). On the Following display, you’ll see 3 headers: Suggestions, Channels, and Topics.

Suggestions show you things Apple News thinks you’ll be interested in. This is based on your Siri and Safari records.

Channels are tales from a single source. For example, the New York Times.

Topics are testimonies from multiple sources approximately an unmarried component. For example, the World Cup.

On the Following display type the guide or subject matter you need to comply with into the quest bar and then tap the coronary heart icon next to the end result to follow it. That subject matter or channel will now seem to your Newsfeed.

IOS News App: Hide Channels And Topics
If you exchange your mind approximately a channel or topic and not need to look information from it or about it, you may without difficulty put off it out of your Newsfeed. To do this at the “For You” tab within the information app scroll all the way down to discover the topic or channel you need to dispose of. Now honestly faucet the coronary heart icon with the diminish via it and News will recollect to no longer display you testimonies related to that subject matter or channel.

IOS News App: See Similar Stories You Love
Sometimes News will display you endorsed topics primarily based on your Safari net browsing records. You won’t have acknowledged you had been so interested in the subject–or may also have simply forgotten to manually observe it in News–so Apple constructed a manner into the News app that lets in you to quickly inform the app that you need to peer greater memories like the one it suggests you examine.

When you find the advised story you like on the For You display screen, clearly swipe it to the left so it actions partially offscreen. Behind it, you’ll see 3 buttons: Love Story (coronary heart), Share, and Save (bookmark). Tap the heart icon and News will now remember to reveal you comparable stories.

IOS News App: Save Stories For Offline Reading
This is one of my favorite capabilities within the News app. The app permits you to keep tales for offline reading. This is immensely useful when you are on the tube or have an extended plane flight. News’ capability to store memories for the offline analyzing approach you could examine them anywhere–even without an Internet connection. To save a tale for offline reading:

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Internet safety advice for parents

How can you teach your children to use the internet safely? It’s a question we think about a lot, as parents of children who are already adept with parental tablets and laptops alike.

By Leanne Romney

They know the internet is a magical entity capable of answering obscure questions; providing printable templates of pretty much any animal to colour in; and serving up endlessly-repeatable videos of startled cats, Stampy’s Minecraft exploits and loom band tutorials.

What they don’t know is anything about viruses, online privacy, phishing, social networking etiquette, and any other internet safety and/or security issue you can think of.

Teaching them about this now and in the future is our job, and the challenge of getting it right is intimidating – even for the most computer savvy of us.

But remember that there’s a whole industry of internet safety and security experts, many of whom have children of their own, and have to face the same task of rearing safe, responsible internet citizens.

Using their expertise, we have put together 10 Top Tips, a guide to start the conversations with your children and to encourage computer literacy and resilience.


One of the key things is to start the process of discussing online safety with your children at an early age, right from when they start to engage in any activity that involves the internet.

They might still be using the computer with you alongside, rather than independently and this offers the opportunity to highlight the fact that the online world parallels the real world and that there are both safe and unsafe things out there.

It will also give you an excellent opportunity to discuss the things that are there to protect us “keep us safe”, e.g. Internet Security, passwords, virus software, and parental controls.

As they get older and begin to use the internet more independently, widen the circle, give them more responsibility in a supervised manner.

For example, if you let them start an account with Club Penguin or LEGO or CBBC-CBeebies, help them create a sensible password and then use the opportunity to explain why they should use different passwords for each account and possible consequences of not doing so.

Don’t be afraid to check out all your answers to possible questions beforehand…..remember if in doubt…Google it!


During my delivery in schools around Blackburn with Darwen, the advice I give to the young people across both primary and secondary schools is: “If you wouldn’t do it face to face-Don’t do it online”.

In my primary assembly, I highlight through role play, the way that you wouldn’t start a conversation with a complete stranger in the street in the town centre, the premise is simple, I pretend to be doing my shopping, and then walk up to one of the students and begin to ask them, “what’s your name, Where do you live,

What’s your favourite colour”  As you can imagine the children think I have taken leave of my senses, but it makes the point crystal clear.

Just because you feel protected by the apparent distance that a screen gives between you and the person you’re talking to, you must remember that online is still in the real world.

Mid to late teens need to be aware and more importantly to remember that everything that they do over the web is captured forever and could come back to haunt them. Many employers and university admissions offices look at social media profiles when researching candidates.

So that picture that’s so funny now could be a real issue later on.


Adults have proven time and time again to be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and therefore we can’t expect our children to be any better, especially given that their sense of curiosity is far more acute and there sense of caution far less developed.

Children do not behave much differently online and in the real world. So it’s great to use real world analogies to explain to them, hackers being a type of criminal that breaks into your house through the computer rather than through the window- it makes it easy to understand.

Teach them to beware of strangers bearing gifts, just as you would in the real world. Don’t allow them to open a mail package if they do not know who has sent it or have not got permission to do so, the same goes for unsolicited email with its attachments.
Could they fall prey to someone who took over their friends social media account and sent out malware?

Yes, probably, however if you ask yourself the same question, the answer is likely to be the same.

It is not always possible to prevent the attempts of hackers, but fore warned is fore armed, advise caution and remember:
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


We need to make our children and Young People aware that the internet is a fantastic place, but you need to be careful what you do and what you say when you are there.

Advice to not say things which they wouldn’t talk about in conversations with family is the best course of action. Think about what they do and say, they may well regret hurting someone or being hurt themselves.

Warn them, that once they have written something it can’t be deleted. If what they are saying or doing is controversial it could be copied time and time again and could come back to bite them , even much later in life when they apply to college, university or employment.

They need to be aware of how they connect too, the gadgets that they use all need to be protected. But this does not stand alone; the applications and services need to be protected. Teach them to use sensible passwords and protection.

They need not to be afraid to ask for help, there are lots of places and people who can show them what to do and how to behave online.

Teach them to use reputable sites online to check their security:
Get safe On-Line & UK Safer internet is great places to start

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Tips on how to avoid love-scammers on the Internet

A fraudster poses as a person looking for romance and persuades an unsuspecting suitor to transfer money to them.

It’s simply one of the many online romance scams wherein Heike Seitzer is a professional. She heads a criminal offense inspectorate in Germany that investigates such frauds and offers guidelines on the way to keep away from being fooled.

“You must be suspicious whilst very early on, love is said and after a quick acquaintance a life together is being discussed,” she says.

You have to additionally be suspicious if the language used seems like it’s been put thru a translation programme or if deliberate conferences fall through and are then accompanied by user requests for money.

Seitzer recommends that humans in no way transfer money to people they haven’t met, “regardless of how true the justification”.

Seitzer describes how the scammers commonly present themselves: “The perpetrators try to act critically.” Men are targeted by attractive-searching girls while girls are approached by men who claim to have precise jobs.

“They send attractive images of themselves however most of them are stolen from different web sites. Often they use photographs of professional fashions,” she says.

There are anti-scamming forums in which you can research whether an photograph has ever been used in reference to love fraud.

Besides taking their victims’ cash, every now and then the scammers turn them into cash launderers by using using their financial institution account to transfer price range overseas. Again, a reputedly plausible motive is given, mixed with lovesickness.

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Study says one in seven teens sext


A JAMA Pediatrics observe released currently found out an upward push inside the wide variety of younger humans below age 18 who interact in sexting, with about one in seven teens sending sexts, and one in 4 receiving them.

The observe, titled Prevalence of Multiple Forms of Sexting Behaviour Among Youth, additionally tested the frequency of sending a sext without consent and having one’s sext forwarded without permission.

Sheri Madigan, one of the co-authors of the have a look at, said the increase in youngster sexting because the first sexting has a look at, accomplished in 2009 by means of the Pew Research Centre, is due to phone ownership. The get right of entry to smartphones amongst young adults has improved, as a consequence growing better sexting quotes. Madigan stated kids first get a telephone, on average, at age 10.

Sexting, “the sharing of sexually express pics and motion pictures of oneself through the internet or digital gadgets, along with smartphones,” Madigan said, excludes sending someone a sexual photograph acquired from a pornography internet site.

Madigan said a meta-analysis was favored over an entire new youngster sexting study as it’s more specific.

“We’ve seen studies say that 3% of teenagers are sexting, to studies suggesting that sixty-five % are sexting. When this takes place, dad and mom do not apprehend the quantity of sexting in young adults. We wanted in an effort to apprehend what’s causing this alteration and provide you with metrics that humans can use to have a clear understanding.”

Eighteen of the 39 research tested sexting using cellular devices and computer systems.

“Sexting is more common in older teens, and more frequently going on on mobile gadgets,” says Madigan, including that “there aren’t any gender variations; boys and ladies are sexting at comparable fees.”

The studies also looked at if boys or girls are forwarding sexts greater and the ramifications of non-consensual sexting. One in eight young humans reported that they have forwarded a sext, according to information from the study.

Madigan, along with co-author Jeff Temple, a professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch, provided guidelines to mother and father on how to speak about sexting with their baby.

Have conversations early and often. “Parents should be proactive,” stated Madigan. “Have conversations about virtual citizenship, online behavior, sexuality and peer strain before they get their telephone.”

Equip yourself. “It’s a double chance for mother and father due to the fact they’ve to speak about sex and the digital global, and people can be very intimidating topics,” said Madigan, who suggests CommonSenseMedia.Org as a resource for parents to feel empowered with the know-how and gear to initiate conversations.

Don’t freak out. “If you find out your toddler is sexting, understand it is a fairly normative behavior; it does not imply your youngster is deviant or in a life of crime,” stated Temple. “It means they are interested in their sexuality and sex.”

Gain context. “Find out greater about your toddler’s relationship with the individual they are sexting,” said Madigan. “Is it used to flirt or maintain the connection? Teens’ brains aren’t absolutely evolved so that they do not constantly recognize purpose and impact. Talk thru threat and results of sexting.”

Make the most out of the instant. Temple shows using your expertise of your baby’s sexting as an automobile to “the speaker.” He says, “We do recognize through other studies that sexting is associated with real sexual behavior. So, it sincerely does offer an amazing possibility to speak about actual life sexual pastime and what healthful relationships look like.” — Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service

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4 tips for optimizing the gaming performance of your Android smartphone

Android smartphones are becoming better with the state-of-the-art technological innovations. They have evolved beyond the degree of the usage of them for making calls, sending texts, snapping pictures and surfing the net. In reality, the current ones have almost bridged the space between laptops and cellular gadgets. Majority of game enthusiasts realize that there is a world of tanks money owed on the market on the net. Without mincing phrases, maximum of the smartphones inside the marketplace now come with masses of thrilling capabilities to enhance their battery life, photo great and overall efficiency.

The Android OS platform is bendy and allows customers to personalize their devices. Within the beyond few years, the cell version of console video games become launched to customers and plans are in the location to release greater. Mobile game builders hold trying their best to provide the equal experience on exceptional platforms. Check out a few ways to reinforce the gaming overall performance of your cellular tool.

1. Uninstall all pointless apps
There are hundreds of loose video games in Google’s Play Store as we talk. Users often download as many apps as feasible. Some of these apps will just be opened as soon as and overlooked for months. The most effective absorb area and can even drain the juices of your tool. This is due to the fact most of them are certain to run in the background. At instances, they may be the apps that got here with your tool. The nice issue is to disable them so that it will have more space and make your battery closing longer. Another choice is to go to social media websites along with your browser as opposed to the use of their apps. In addition, you could test the battery feature to discover the apps that are draining your battery.

2. Look out for updates
Updating the firmware of your tool is the first step to boosting your tool performance and protection. This simple task can be finished through everybody and there may be no need to waste time. It’s not unusual for a few manufacturers to tell users as quickly as a new security patch is available. To have to get entry to it, simply choose the Software Update feature in your tool settings. You could be requested to confirm downloading if any replace is prepared.

3. Alter sync settings
Almost all cell device customers sync their email, contacts or photos to a selected server. Syncing takes area in the history and may adversely have an effect on the battery of a telephone. It’s advisable to check the sync settings and make the vital modifications on occasion. Try to disable the automobile sync choice of the debts and the affected apps which you intend to prevent absolutely.

4. Consider factory reset
Smartphones might also begin lagging after using them for a while. This can be your closing motel after trying all other possible alternatives. It’s additionally ideal for customers who’re skeptical approximately installing a custom ROM or rooting their tool. Remember to return up all vital records before taking this step. The manufacturing facility reset choice works maximum of the time and your phone will be as accurate as new.