How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Software Developer

How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Software Developer 1

If you’ve never written a recommendation letter for a software developer, you may want a few hints. Let the pattern reference letter below be your guide. As you’ll see from analyzing the letter, the key highlights the task applicant’s strengths. Why is the man or woman a good employee? What can you be saying approximately both the process candidate’s professional knowledge and traits as a person? Why need to a agency want the applicant in its group?

Software Developer

Sample Reference Letter

While most groups do not require reference letters to be on organization letterhead, writing the reference on letterhead can also make you seem extra credible to a potential organization, so opt for letterhead overwriting the advice on a blank piece of paper.

To Whom It May Concern (or name of contact soliciting for reference):

Joe Employee worked for me as a software developer from Sept.1, 2012, to March 23, 2017. Like all builders, he wrote code for computer software. His duties protected requirements collecting, evaluation, and design of complicated Web programs using a selection of technology. During the direction of his employment, Joe proved himself to be a reliable employee and a hard employee with stable hassle fixing and technical skills. I turned into always inspired by using Joe’s capacity to finish the paintings assigned to him on time. Joe not simplest met deadlines however additionally explains his applications in a manner that non-professionals can without problems apprehend. This talent got here handy when he presented his packages to clients who were not in particular tech-savvy. Joe takes his paintings very critically and regularly enrolled in lessons to stay abreast of the most modern tendencies in programming.

Software Developer

He additionally traveled to meetings throughout the united states for this reason. His ongoing professional improvement guides and journeys helped him to easily research new strategies and carry out complex responsibilities the primary time round. Although Joe is a fast learner, he could be very cautious and cautious approximately his paintings. In that method, he repeatedly runs exams on his programs (and others) before making them public to make sure there are no hiccups. His brief questioning and careful persona have helped the organization keep away from a few steeply-priced and embarrassing mistakes.

Joe would be an asset to have on any team. To say he’s a team leader would be an irony. Throughout his tenure at our organization, he is long gone out of his manner to welcome first-year students and clear up any problems they may have. He pitches revolutionary ideas at enterprise meetings and listens to what others have to say, including positive criticism. When budgetary constraints restrained the work our business enterprise could whole, Joe put his surprisingly creative mind to apply to provide you with alternatives.

Overall, Joe is a talented, hard-working employee, and I am sad to see him leave. But your enterprise offers him an opportunity for the professional boom that we truely cannot offer him right here. I strongly recommend Joe for any mid-degree improvement function. And with the right steering and schooling, I don’t have any doubt Joe ought to excel in a top-degree development function. He’s actually that properly.


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