Tips for Limiting Screen Time in an Online School World

Tips for Limiting Screen Time in an Online School World 1

Kids today spend more time online than ever before. As classrooms become more digital and even completely virtual, some kids may find most of their day online. Due to this, parents should look for ways to limit their children’s electronic device usage. There are various tips to follow that can help parents determine screen time in today’s world.

Online School World

Set Expectations

Whenever you are going to change a child’s behavior, you need to set clear expectations. If children are used to spending the whole day online, any change can be difficult. Due to this, you should have a set amount of time that they can spend in front of a screen. This could be set to around one hour per day, depending on the situation. Kids can then use this time in any way they want, including video games, social media, or watching videos.

Offer a Phone Without Internet

When your kids spend less time on devices, they are bound to spend more time outside. When they are out having fun, you will want to call them. A kids phone from Gabb Wireless doesn’t offer games, social media, and no app store. However, it can still be used for phone calls and texts. This ensures your kids have a phone for communication without a device that has games and other distractions. This will help reduce screen time for any kid.

Find Active Tech Options

Kids today love to play with technology, which is one of the reasons they enjoy using their devices. There are tech options today that kids can use that can also help to keep them active. Some possibilities include smartwatches, athletic equipment, and augmented reality games. All of these will be fun to use and will also encourage more physical activity.

Could you not Make it a Punishment?

One of the challenges parents have is that they enforce limitations as a form of punishment. If a child feels they are being punished, they will be more resistant to the change. Instead, you should explain that you are limiting the use of electronic devices as a way to be healthier. Being optimistic about the difference can help to determine frustrations.

Come Up with Alternatives

If a child is used to spending all of their time online, they could find themselves bored with this plan. Due to this, coming up with alternative options is essential. You can encourage your kids to find new activities, including playing with toys or going outside. You can also help arrange playdates with friends to help with socialization. Eventually, the kids will learn to entertain themselves.

Be a Role Model

While kids must limit their screen time, parents should focus on this too. Many adults will spend all day on the computer at work and then come home and watch TV. If a child sees this, they will think this behavior is pleasing and acceptable. Instead, it would help if you acted as a role model by reducing your screen time. Spending more time with your kids playing games or exercising outside is a great option.

Explain Benefits

Today, many kids will see all their peers spend most of their time in front of screens. Because of this, they could be confused as to why you are setting boundaries and limitations. In these cases, you need to explain the benefits of spending less time front of a screen. These can include that the child will get exercise, form healthier habits, and improve socialization. If the child understands these advantages, they may be more receptive to the change.

Enjoy Meals without Devices

Mealtime is an excellent time for kids and parents to connect and discuss their days. However, many kids and parents will spend these meals staring at their phones or the TV. Instead, it would help if you made a family rule that at least one meal per day will be spent without electronics. This can encourage a healthy habit and allow you and the family to share quality time.

Avoid Screens Before Bed

The end of the night tends to be when people spend most of their phones. Unfortunately, this can be a bad habit as too much stimulation can affect your sleep. Ideally, no people should use their devices for at least an hour before bed. Instead, you can encourage your kids to read, play with toys, or do other activities.

Stick to It

Most importantly, a parent needs to ensure that they stick to any device change. While parents may try to have their kids limit screen time, they can become laxer. Eventually, this will result in the child spending just as much time on their devices as before. Due to this, you need to remain vigilant and organized to ensure kids continue to avoid excess use.

Key Takeaways

Limiting screen time is essential and can help encourage a healthier lifestyle. These key takeaways from the article can help you do just that.

  • Parents should set clear expectations with their children. This will include focusing on how much time they use devices each day.
  • It is essential to develop alternative activities for the kids to consider. This can prevent boredom and help them create better habits.
  • Parents should also follow the same rules in front of the kids. Spending time with the kids outside and away from the screens will help.
  • Even when things get hard, it is essential to stick to the new rules. This can help prevent setbacks.

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