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May 15, 2021

The Best Gaming Video Capture Devices

We’ve taken a examine numerous of the maximum popular video seize gadgets game enthusiasts can use to create YouTube films, but which one stands on top as the one we might suggest? We rank the six gadgets we tested beneath. See extra pointers and tricks for gaming YouTubers right here. This list only covers the video capture give up of the gaming YouTube equation. If you are looking for recommendation on microphones, see our reviews of the Blue Snowball and Blue Yeti.

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Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket
HD PVR Rocket. Hauppauge
Of all of the devices I’ve tested, the HD PVR Rocket is the only I’m going to for my part be using going forward which looks as if a pretty suitable reason to put it on top. Of all of the devices on the list, the Rocket has the satisfactory mixture of capabilities on the rate you pay. With a PC-loose mode that helps you to file to USB storage and capacity to report HDMI, issue and composite sources, it’s miles noticeably completely-featured at just $130. It is also very smooth to use and has wonderful software program. It is not the most powerful tool available, so if you’re seeking out sheer bitrates or 60 FPS at 1080p it may not be for you, but for just about all of us else, I pretty advocate the HD PVR Rocket. More »


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AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable
Live Gamer Portable. AVerMedia
A close runner-up is the Live Gamer Portable from AVerMedia. It also offers a PC-unfastened mode – this time with an SD Card slot rather than USB garage – and it could document HDMI and element resources. It helps significantly better bitrates than the Rocket along side up to 1080p/60 seize, so it is a good, complete-featured desire if you’re looking for high bitrates (and the large files that come with it). The RECentral software program you operate with it’s also my preferred recording software of any of the devices I tested, that’s some other plus. The Live Gamer Portable does value a bit more, although, at $160, and can not document composite resources. You honestly can not move incorrect with either the LGP or the Rocket, so don’t forget what capabilities you feel are maximum important and determine from there. More »

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Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition
It is one of the older models in this list, certain, however I’ve been using the HD PVR 2 GE for more than one years now and find it irresistible. It also competes very well with the newer gadgets as some distance as features and performance pass, so it’s miles completely really worth a look regardless of no longer being the new hotness. It can file HDMI, element, and composite resources, which that by itself makes it really worth a glance. It, like the Rocket, would not have loopy excessive bitrates or 1080p/60, but the films it produces are still extraordinary searching (more than enough to appearance notable on YouTube) and it is especially smooth to use. It does have multiple negatives, but. First, it requires an A/C adapter plugged into the wall, which none of those different devices do. Second, there may be no PC-loose mode, so that you have to be connected to a PC to document. And, third, is the fee. It nevertheless expenses around $a hundred and fifty, which is okay while you examine it to the opposite gadgets at that charge, but somewhat laughable in comparison to the $one hundred thirty for the more absolutely-featured Rocket. More »


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Elgato Game Capture HD60
The HD60, along with its predecessor the Game Capture HD, are some of the most famous capture gadgets utilized by YouTubers. If you’re seeking out pure horsepower, and best need to report HDMI (it cannot do whatever else), the HD60 is on top with full 1080p / 60 FPS seize at ridiculously excessive bitrates. Unfortunately, it also comes with the best endorsed specifications to your capture PC of any device we examined, and the software (whilst fully featured) is pretty slow and clunky. It additionally produced the most effective glitched/failed recording of any of the gadgets I used. I suppose the most important issue against the HD60 is that for the price – $a hundred and sixty – you are not getting nearly the quantity of functions you get from other gadgets for the same charge or less. I know it’s famous, but the HD60 wasn’t one in every of my favorites. More »

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AVerMedia AVerCapture HD
The AVerCapture HD is just like the little brother of the Live Gamer Portable. They each appearance typically the same on the outside, and that they each use the equal RECentral software program, but the Avercapture HD is lacking a few key functions of the LGP – particularly that it simplest captured HDMI and would not have a PC-unfastened mode. It does capture pretty extremely good video, however, and prefer I stated I love the RECentral software program. It is likewise cheap at simply $120. If you don’t care about recording some thing apart from HDMI and you don’t want it to be portable, the Avercapture HD is clearly a sincerely great device. It simply is not as fully-featured as a few others. More »

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Roxio Game Capture HD Pro
If you are a beginner just getting began on YouTube and you do not want to spend a lot of money, the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is an okay desire. It’ll price you $100 or less, but for that cheaper rate tag comes a drop in high-quality. While it doe capture HDMI and aspect sources (and at up to 1080/60 in case you need), it has the bottom max bitrate of any of the devices indexed right here. Like I’ve been announcing all alongside, although, it nonetheless looks lots true, especially for a YouTube Let’s Play where the video best isn’t always the star appeal. More tough, but, is inexpensive feeling production of the unit itself, which places the longterm durability of the unit into query, in addition to much less than stellar software program in comparison to different gadgets. It become additionally the maximum temperamental of the devices I tested, and getting it to work occasionally required a whole lot of plugging and unplugging and restarting. Once it got going, it worked splendid, however it took extra attempt than I’d have appreciated. It is the most inexpensive 1080/60 HDMI device available, although, so that may make it well worth a glance, though I’d advise the Avercapture HD or specially the HD PVR Rocket rather for no longer too much extra cash.

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