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October 17, 2021

Best Practices for People Who Want to Become Digital Nomads

While the number of cases has gone down, remote work continues to be popular, as shown in a survey conducted by Pew Research. Some companies have offered their employees the option of working from home if they wanted to. These companies include Twitter, Spotify, and Salesforce.

People are starting to embrace remote working arrangements since it allows them to work anywhere. But remote work existed even before the pandemic started. Many people living the life of a digital nomad allowed them to travel the world while working online.

Digital Nomads

If you plan to become a digital nomad, here are some tips to help you in your journey.

Spend Some Time in Every Location

The emergence of new variants has made it challenging to travel internationally. So, you should not rush when you travel from one place to another. But once everything goes back to normal, you may want to spend some time in every location you want to visit. When you stay at least one month in a place, you will appreciate the beauty of the place. You can find affordable accommodations and look beyond the perspective of an ordinary tourist.

It also stabilizes your routine and ensures you remain productive even if you stay in a different country. You can even spend six months in the place if your destination allows you to stay that long. This allows you to explore your destination and see its beauty from the perspective of a local.

Have a Backup Plan

Being a digital nomad means you can work anywhere in the world as long as you have your laptop and a good internet connection. If you take care of your laptop, you’ll have no issues with performing your work anywhere.

But if you lose your internet connection, you’ll be in big trouble, especially if a deadline comes up. This is where a portable satellite internet becomes useful as your backup internet connection. While it’s not advisable to use it as your primary internet device, you can use it as a backup if the internet connection at the place you are staying goes down. It allows you to upload the files you are working on and send them to your clients.

Aside from your devices, you should not limit yourself to working with one client. You can work with two or more clients as long as you work out the schedule. This ensures you still have a source of income in case one client ends the contract.

Sign Up for a Coworking Space

Signing up for a coworking space offers numerous benefits for a digital nomad. These places have fast internet connections and a suitable workspace to enhance your productivity and creativity while you work. It also allows you to concentrate since people in these places are also working.

You will feel less isolated since you’ll be working with people who may also be digital nomads themselves. These places also allow you to network and find opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

Additionally, they are cost-effective since you do not need to pay for the full cost of an office while you work abroad. While coworking spaces may be closed in some countries during the pandemic, they will eventually open once the global health crisis is finally over.

Get a Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance is also necessary since you would not want to get stuck in a foreign country while dealing with a huge medical bill. The situation can be stressful for your finances and mental health. So, it’s best to get suitable travel insurance.

But you should note that the insurance you get is not the same one a tourist gets while traveling abroad. It will help if you look for insurance that covers you while you spend a significant period traveling abroad.

The insurance should cover medical bills in case you get hospitalized during your trip. And with the current situation, you can also check if the insurance covers getting sick because of the virus.

Have Multiple Cards

One thing you should never leave at home when you live a digital nomadic lifestyle is your debit and credit cards. It allows you to forego bringing huge amounts of cash while you travel. Bringing more than one card is also advisable in case you lose one of them. This allows you to avoid contacting your bank and hope that they will ship the card to your location. Instead, you can have the card blocked or canceled in case someone tries to use it.

The life of a digital nomad is quite enticing for people who want to travel and see the world without resigning from their jobs.

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