GPU Trends 2022: What to Expect From GPUs This 2022

GPU Trends 2022: What to Expect From GPUs This 2022 1

Graphics processing units (GPUs) are an essential part of every computer. That’s why everyone is looking into news about them. Trends are pretty common in the GPU market, as this particular technology evolves almost every year. Furthermore, the market itself drastically changes depending on the given supply.

Currently, we are experiencing a GPU shortage, but that’s not the only news we should be worried about. Other trends involve shifting to mobile GPUs, ray tracing, and more. We will be discussing every information and direction you need to know about GPUs this coming 2022. But let’s start with the most asked question in the GPU market today: will the shortage finally end.


GPU Shortage

The GPU shortage sometime around last year when GPU demands soared to record levels. There are two main reasons for this: the pandemic and the rise of crypto mining.

A Surge of Demand for Computers

The pandemic has forced millions of people into their homes. Many of these people have to adapt to work-at-home jobs, which entail investing in a laptop or a computer. So, in short, people who didn’t have these things before had to purchase them now.

This led to a surge of demand for computers, and since most computers have semiconductors and microchips, this led to a global semiconductor and chip shortage. This shortage then led to a GPU shortage, among other things.


Another problem contributing to the shortage is the increased numbers of crypto miners during the pandemic. Last year, NVIDIA announced GPUs made for mining to reduce the chances of a need, but this implementation didn’t work.

Combating crypto miners is terrible for businesses considering that they have the purchasing power of over one-fourth of the market. GPUs are an easy sell for miners but bad for overall supply.

There is no real solution to control miners from purchasing the GPUs they need for their mining needs. They will continue to strain the market in the coming years.

Good News

The GPU shortage has strained current supply chains and forced manufacturers to take drastic measures. But there is good news ahead as supplies show improvement. Many experts believe that shortage will improve by June or July this year, but sadly, it won’t stop the need. Many are praying that the improvement in supply will at least make GPUs more affordable or slash off the price by a few dollars, but that might be wishful thinking at this point.

A Shift Towards Custom PCs

As more people purchase computers, a shift towards custom PCs has become the trend. People are now building PCs that cater to their needs. Hence, there’s an increased demand for good custom PC building websites. These sites are lifesavers for these people, especially those looking for specific GPUs that aren’t available in retail stores. Furthermore, they can get the GPUs they need at a much lower price.

This shift towards custom PCs means that specialized GPUs will become the norm in the coming years. Thankfully, a new generation of NVIDIA and AMD video cards are predicted to come out this year, with some budget GPUs ready for sale.

Mobile GPUs

Mobile GPUs seem to be a point of concentration for both NVIDIA and AMD. There have been rumors that the current RTX 30 will have variants that cater to the mobile gaming market. This is good for both the mobile gaming and the GPU markets since they can each help each other to great success this year. However, PC fans aren’t happy with the mobile gaming market is experiencing.

PC fans don’t want GPU companies to improve the performance of smartphones when it comes to gaming because that means less R&D being spent on enhancing PC GPUs. It’s an understandable move from both NVIDIA and AMD, considering that the mobile gaming market is worth over a billion dollars. Still, only time will tell if they’ll continue down this road.

Improved Image Quality and Better Ray Tracing

It’s only relatively recently when ray tracing was available to consoles and many GPUs, but that has become old news real fast. Currently, many GPU companies are working on making ray tracing a lot more efficient, especially in newer video cards. Moreover, image quality is improving these coming years, with new strategies to reduce frame rate drops.

Overall, everything seems suitable for the GPU market, despite the shortage. Current improvements only mean that GPUs will be a lot more cost-effective than ever. We’re hopeful that prices will decrease this year, but at least even if they don’t drop, GPU performance would make up for the expenses.

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