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Smart Photo Editor Review for Windows and Mac

Rating: four 1/2 stars

In this software overview, I’m taking a study Smart Photo Editor with the aid of Anthropics, available for Windows and OS X. The software is designed to make it as easy as viable for users of all ranges to reap creative results with their images. There are a few of those forms of applications available now, both for desktop and mobile gadgets, so any software needs to stand out to have any threat of making an effect.

The makers claim that it is much faster to get magnificent results than the usage of Photoshop and, while it is not the almighty powerhouse that Photoshop is, does it stay up to the claim?

Well, I’m going to try to provide you with the answer to that query. In the following couple of pages, I’ll take a better look at Smart Photo Editor and give you an concept as to whether it’s really worth you taking the trial version for a spin.

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Smart Photo Editor User Interface
Smart Photo Editor – Grid User Interface
Text and pictures © Ian Pullen
Thankfully maximum software program designers realise that the consumer interface is a vitally vital factor of an application and the makers of Smart Photo Editor have accomplished an inexpensive activity. While it’s not the slickest or easiest on the attention interface that I’ve encountered, it’s far commonly clear and smooth to navigate.

To the top left, the Undo, Redo and Pan/Zoom buttons are prominent, with the Last Tip button along them. This lets in you to show the last tip that turned into displayed. By default, tips are displayed in yellow overlay packing containers as you work to assist describe the capabilities, even though you can flip those off when you grow to be familiar with the software.

To the proper of the window are three primary buttons, followed via a set of further buttons for operating on your image, observed subsequently by means of the Effect Editor Button. If you mouse-over any of those buttons, you’ll get a short description of what it does.

The first of the principle buttons is the Effects gallery and clicking this opens a grid that presentations all the exceptional consequences which can be to be had. With literally heaps of results available, the left-hand column displays an expansion of ways to filter out the results to make it less complicated to find a suitable effect in order to produce the result which you’re hoping for.

Next down is the Select Area device that allows you to color a variety onto your photograph after which follow an effect to just this area. Some outcomes consist of an option to mask an area, but this selection manner you can additionally do this with results that do not have the choice covered.

Last of the primary buttons is the Favorite Effects, which lets in you to curate your own favourite results to prevent having to search through the hundreds of options whenever you begin paintings.

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Smart Photo Editor Effects and Features
Smart Photo Editor Effects and Features
Text and photographs © Ian Pullen
As already noted, there are quite literally hundreds of results to be had, though many can also appearance a chunk similar while others may be of lower satisfactory than the satisfactory on offer. This is because the results are community pushed with other users mixing their very own effects and then publishing them. Searching through the exceptional options can become a time soaking up exercising, but when you locate some thing that you like, it simply takes a single click to apply it to your image.

Once carried out, you may usually have the choice to adjust a number of the settings to trade the very last impact. Exactly what the one-of-a-kind settings do is not without delay apparent, but you could reset a slider through double clicking it, so the great element is to test through converting settings and seeing what you want.

When you’re satisfied with an effect, click the verify button and you will see that a brand new thumbnail of your picture seems within the top bar of the utility. You can then upload extra outcomes and increase a few exciting mixtures to supply specific results. Further thumbnails are delivered to the bar, with the modern-day outcomes acting to the proper. At any time, you can click on an earlier impact and edit it again to make it paintings higher with an effect which you delivered later. Also, have to making a decision which you not want an effect which you introduced earlier, you may without difficulty delete it at any time whilst leaving later results absolutely intact. Unfortunately, there does not seem an smooth way to cover an effect in case you make a decision you need to apply it later in the end.

Further tools are to be had thru the buttons that run down the proper-hand fringe of the screen.

Composite permits you to mix photographs so you should add a sky from one picture to some other or add one or greater people who did no longer appear in the authentic image. With blending modes and opacity controls, this is basically analogous to layers and you could return and edit those later.

Next is an erase choice that appears very similar in use to the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom. However, the Area Split function lets in you to sample from multiple resources which permit you to keep away from apparent repeating areas. Furthermore, you may return to an erased area in a while and edit it similarly should you want, which also is not an option to be had in Lightroom.

The following buttons, Text, Crop, Straighten and Rotate 90º are quite self-explanatory, but, just like the Erase and Composite gear, these additionally provide the effective characteristic of closing editable even when you apply them and upload similarly results.

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Smart Photo Editor Effects Editor
Smart Photo Editor Effects Editor
Text and pics © Ian Pullen
If you want greater out of your software program than a simple one click on solution, then the Effects Editor is probably to be of interest to you. This device lets in you to create your very own consequences from scratch by chaining together and tweaking one-of-a-kind results.

In exercise, this isn’t the most intuitive characteristic of Smart Photo Editor and the outline of it within the Help files possibly isn’t as extensive as it can be. However, it does offer enough information so that you can get going, and experimenting with it will take you quite a few manner to understanding it. Fortunately, there is also a network discussion board in which you may ask questions, so in case you get stuck and want some steerage, this could be a great vicinity to turn to. To ask a query particularly about the Effects Editor, go to Help > Ask Question About Creating Effects, even as the entire discussion board is launched for your browser if you go to Community > Discuss Photo Editor.

Once you have got created an effect which you’re happy with, you could store it for your very own use and percentage it with different users with the aid of clicking the Publish button.

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Smart Photo Editor – Review Conclusion
Smart Photo Editor – Multiple Effects
Text and photographs © Ian Pullen
I’ll be honest and admit that I got here to Smart Photo Editor with pretty modest expectancies – there are pretty some of those picture effect packages about and I hadn’t seen whatever to start with that made me suppose this become going stand out from the gang.

However, it took little or no time to comprehend that I’d underestimated the software and that, even as it doesn’t present itself with the best or most intuitive consumer interface round, it is a totally powerful and versatile piece of package. Smart Photo Editor very well deserves its 4 and a 1/2 stars out of 5 and it is only a few rough edges that forestall it scoring complete marks.

You can down load a near absolutely featured trial model (no file shop or printing alternatives) and if you want it, at the time of writing you should buy this app at an attractive $29.Ninety five, with the everyday full fee a nevertheless reasonable $59.Ninety five.

For users who just want to apply creative consequences to their photographs, this is probably a better way to acquire this purpose than Photoshop and much less skilled customers will almost in reality, as the makers declare, produce their results extra speedy than in the event that they used Adobe’s picture editor.


Top Free Photo Editors for Mac

Search the website online
software photo editor
Science, Tech, Math
Arts, Music, Recreation

Science, Tech, Math › Computer Science
Top Free Photo Editors for Mac
The satisfactory free software for photo modifying on your Macintosh
The Graphic Convertor interface is proven
There is a lot of desire. Which to pick out depends on what you want to do.
Computer Science
Computer Science
Graphic Design
Graphics Software
Tutorials & Other Resources
Free Downloads
Adobe Illustrator Resources
Adobe Photoshop Resources
Computer Aided Design
PHP Programming Language
Perl Programming Language
Python Programming
Java Programming
JavaScript Programming
Delphi Programming
C & C++ Programming
with the aid of Sue Chastain
Updated August 05, 2017
If you can not have the funds for to buy software, you may nevertheless locate unfastened software to create and edit photographs. Some of this software is developed through people, and a few is feature restricted or an in advance version of a more superior program. In a few rare times, there aren’t any strings attached, but most usually you may need to offer statistics to the corporation by way of registering, or bear commercials or “nag” monitors.
Though these are all “stand by myself” applications you also may want to check the free mobile apps from Adobe. They encompass:

Adobe Photoshop Fix.
Adobe Photoshop Mix
Aviary Photo Editor
Also bear in mind such there are cellular apps from SketchGuru , Skitch, and a number of other Android and iOS imaging apps inclusive of Instagram which provide you the capacity to play with images by means of applying an expansion of preset results and filters to your photographs.

The key choice in the back of the usage of any imaging utility lies with what the necessities are for the assignment at hand. You need to intently research the product and get clearly clean on each the product’s strengths and its weaknesses. Also make the effort to examine the paintings others have created with the product. For instance, in case you are trying to create easy portraits or to the touch up family snap shots, then an utility without a serious variety of filters and effects may additionally simply suit the bill. On the opposite hand, in case you need to do compositing and add effects then a constrained function set won’t be perfect to your wishes.

Also, it’s far critical that you test out whether or not the utility has been up to date lately. A loss of updates is the primary clue that this software program can also simply be on its closing legs. Also just doing a easy Google or Bing search around the utility will let you know volumes. For instance, Picassa, one of the apps referred to in this piece has been withdrawn. That’s the horrific information. The properly information is its feature set has been folded into Google Photos that is free.

The bottom line is that vintage pronouncing :Buyer Beware. Do your studies earlier than installing.

Updated by Tom Green

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The GIMP for Mac OS X
The GIMP Logo
The GIMP Logo. Source: Pixabay
GIMP is a popular open-source photograph editor at the start developed for Unix/Linux. Often lauded because the “loose Photoshop,” it does have an interface and capabilities just like Photoshop. Because it is volunteer-developed beta software program, stability and frequency of updates could be an issue; however, many happy users record using GIMP for OS X with out vast troubles. GIMP isn’t compatible with Mac OS nine and earlier.
GIMP User Reviews supply photograph editor for Cocoa. It is primarily based around The GIMP’s generation and makes use of the equal native report layout, however became developed as a Mac OS X software and no longer a port of The GIMP. According to the developer, “It features gradients, textures and anti-aliasing for each text and brush strokes. It supports multiple layers and alpha channel modifying.” Although it does now not yet have plenty of capabilities and improvement has been gradual, many users prefer it over strolling The GIMP. More »


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Pinta Screen Shot
© Ian Pullen
Pinta is a unfastened pixel-based image editor for Mac OS X. One of the most thrilling elements of Pinta is that it is based at the Windows photo editor Paint.NET. Pinta offers the simple drawing gear that you’d anticipate from an photo editor, in addition to a few more advanced capabilities, consisting of layers and a variety of picture adjustment tools. These functions imply that Pinta is likewise a feasible tool for users looking for an utility to allow them to edit and improve their digital pix. More »

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Image Tricks
The Image Tricks Home Page
Image Tricks is a unfastened app with a paid Pro version as well.
Image Tricks is a amusing and easy to apply loose photo editor for Mac OS X. It is an software that encourages experimentation and gives the capacity for a wide range of outcomes to be combined and implemented to snap shots. It is a perfect application for much less skilled customers to gain creative effects, thanks to the range of filters and mask which can be available. There is also a paid Pro version that offers extra filters, although you may see the effects that they produce in the unfastened version, without saving them.
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GraphicConverter X
The GraphicConverter interface
GraphicConverter 10 is the present day version of the utility.
GraphicConverter is a multi-reason pix tool for changing, viewing, surfing, and editing hundreds of photograph sorts on the Macintosh platform. If there may be a report layout or photograph processing mission that your existing software can’t handle, chances are that GraphicConverter can do it in case you’re inclined to address the studying curve. GraphicConverter is a worthwhile tool to have on-hand, however wishes some critical paintings inside the usability branch. GraphicConverter isn’t free, however you may use the shareware with out time challenge in case you do not need batch processing functions. More »

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The Google Photos interface is proven
All of the Picassa goodness has been brought to Google Photos.
Technically, Picasa does now not meet my criteria for a picture editor as it does no longer assist you to do pixel-stage modifying. However, I have obtained such a lot of reader tips for Picasa, that I am which include it right here as an honorary point out. Although it does have a few simple enhancing capabilities, it’s far mainly image organizing software program, and as such it’s far listed in my Top Digital Photo Software for Family Photos list. Picassa was folded into Google Photos in 2016.




8 Universities With Great Open-Courseware Tech Programs

As a tech expert, if you’re seeking to increase your mastering however do not have the cash or the time to enroll in an reliable path, on line schooling can be a terrific choice. More and more faculties are providing unfastened guides on-line, together with many prestigious establishments. Featuring a number of the arena’s fundamental authorities on topics ranging from newbie guides in laptop programming to advanced engineering and quantum electronics, these courses are to be had to everyone free of charge.

Finding them is not smooth, so begin with this listing of a number of the first-rate resources to be had on-line nowadays. Many of these websites include video recordings of lectures; however, lecture notes, interactive activities, exams and even unfastened certificate are now being made to be had as properly.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware (OCW) internet site has 2,a hundred unfastened publications on-line the usage of a aggregate of lecture notes, audio, and video assets. Engineering publications cowl just about every subject, from aeronautics and astronautics to mechanical engineering and nuclear science.

If you are looking for computer technological know-how publications, you may locate them within the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science phase. There are dozens of undergraduate and graduate courses in this section by myself, starting from Introduction to Computer Science and Programming to specific programming languages like Java and C++.

Advanced courses range from quantum electronics to nonlinear programming and natural optoelectronics.

Other publications include health sciences and era, power publications, hard technology publications in chemistry and physics, electricity publications.

UC Berkeley
UC Berkeley gives on line “webcast” guides in quite a number departments from Biology to Asian American research.

Although they are no longer freeing new content material, webcasts published for the duration of or before the spring 2015 semester will stay unfastened to the general public.

Check out their unfold of laptop technology publications right here. Note: to get admission to those guides you need to either use YouTube (if the direction is uploaded) or iTunes U.

Berkeley also partners with edX, where their new loose publications are featured.

Carnegie Mellon
Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative (OLI) gives courses in a huge variety of disciplines. Technical publications encompass engineering data, media programming, principles of computing and cozy coding. Carnegie Mellon’s OLI had had 45,000 route enrollments in 2013.

In addition to lectures, the internet site offers assets like getting to know activities, quizzes, and itemized lists of goals. Like with most of these web sites, there may be no interplay with teachers, nor are direction credit or certificate provided.

Similar to other universities, Harvard gives a huge form of unfastened publications on-line via their Open Learning publications. Some are unfastened; others charge training charges at reduced quotes.

Course subjects variety from programming to information science to protection and more. They additionally have a few offbeat ones, like Bits: The Computer Science of Digital Information, that you probable received’t discover at other universities!


Stanford Online offers a diffusion of free on-line courses to fascinated newcomers. Check their route list for the modern day offerings, which can be broken up into four classes: Upcoming & In Progress; Self-Paced & Self-Study; Professional Education; and Continuing Medical Education.

Available publications presently cover topics like software security, massive facts, laptop technological know-how, laptop networking, and greater.

Notre Dame
The Office of Digital Learning on the University of Notre Dame equips school to increase on-line direction materials free of charge public use. Currently, there are only five guides to be had (with a information route bearing the closest resemblance to some thing tech), however keep an eye fixed out for brand spanking new offerings.

Created by means of the University of Michigan, Open.Michigan capabilities a large series of guides, complete with syllabi and lectures.

One internet layout route (emphasizing software program and coding) is to be had via UM-Flint.

On the Tufts OpenCourseWare website, you’ll filter courses according to highschool. Tech-associated courses may be found beneath the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering (the latter gives one route on sport development on the time of writing).

Open courseware has been hailed as the future of education around the arena. It’s inexpensive, reachable, and (in most instances) as precise a high-quality as you’d get attending the faculty “for real.” There’s no higher time to start studying new capabilities.




How to Write a Recommendation Letter for a Software Developer

If you’ve got never written a recommendation letter for a software developer, you may want a few hints. Let the pattern reference letter below be your guide. As you’ll see from analyzing the letter, the key’s to highlight the task applicant’s strengths. Why is the man or woman a good employee? What can you are saying approximately both the process candidate’s professional knowledge and traits as a person? Why need to a agency want the applicant on its group?


Sample Reference Letter

While most groups do not require reference letters to be on organization letterhead, writing the reference on letterhead can also make you seem extra credible to a potential organization, so opt for letterhead over writing the advice on a blank piece of paper.

To Whom It May Concern (or name of contact soliciting for reference):


Joe Employee worked for me as a software developer from Sept.1, 2012 to March 23, 2017. Like all builders, he wrote code for computer software. His duties protected requirements collecting, evaluation and design of complicated Web programs the usage of a selection of technology.


During the direction of his employment, Joe proved himself to be a reliable employee and a hard employee with stable hassle fixing and technical skills.


I turned into always inspired by using Joe’s capacity to finish the paintings assigned to him on time. Joe not simplest met deadlines however additionally explains his applications in a manner that non-professionals can without problems apprehend. This talent got here in handy when he presented his packages to clients who were not in particular tech savvy.


Joe takes his paintings very critically and regularly enrolled in lessons to stay abreast of the most modern tendencies in programming.


He additionally traveled to meetings throughout the united states for this reason. His ongoing professional improvement guides and journeys helped him to easily research new strategies and carry out complex responsibilities the primary time round. Although Joe is a fast-learner, he could be very cautious and cautious approximately his paintings. That method he repeatedly runs exams on his programs (and others) before making them public to make sure there are not any hiccups. His brief questioning and careful persona has helped the organisation keep away from a few steeply-priced and embarrassing mistakes.


Joe would be an asset to have on any team. To say he’s a team leader would be an irony. Throughout his tenure at our organisation, he is long gone out of his manner to welcome freshmen and clear up any problems they may have. He pitches revolutionary ideas at enterprise meetings but additionally listens to what others have to say, including positive criticism. When budgetary constraints restrained the work our business enterprise could whole, Joe put his surprisingly creative mind to apply to provide you with alternatives.


Overall, Joe is a talented, hard-working employee, and I am sad to see him leave. But your enterprise offers him an opportunity for profession boom that we truely cannot offer him right here.


I strongly recommend Joe for any mid-degree improvement function. And with the right steering and schooling, I don’t have any doubt Joe ought to excel in an top-degree development function. He’s actually that properly.




Software Engineer Cover Letter and Resume Examples

Here’s an instance of a cowl letter for a software program engineer role. Also see below for software program engineer and pc engineer resume examples, and pointers for emailing a cover letter and resume.

Software Engineer Cover Letter
Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email

Company Name
City, State, Zip Code

Dear HR Manager:

With a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in computer science, numerous years of hands-on experience growing and enforcing software programs, and the potential to troubleshoot and clear up troubles in a timely and accurate way, I expectantly express my interest for your posting on LinkedIn for an experienced software engineer.

I had been worried in severa huge-scale software releases and apprehend the importance of time management and open communique. While it could be easy to recognition on the technical side of work, I’ve located that being capable of specific issues, roadblocks, and opportunity solutions to colleagues of varying technical backgrounds has been helpful in my professional improvement.

Over the direction of my career as a software program engineer I have:

Become an authorized Software Development Associate and Professional.
Led two successful software program releases because the Java, team chief.
Increased group performance by enforcing Agile methodologies.
I without a doubt believe in endured schooling and research and keep to are looking for new software program and methods to assist with product improvement. I desire to bring my information, and destiny knowledge, on your organization.

Attached is a replica of my resume that similarly explains my heritage and technical competencies.

I can be reached anytime thru my cell telephone, 555-555-5555 or through e-mail at [email protected] mail.Com. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking with you more approximately this opportunity.

Best Regards,

Your Signature (tough replica Cell 555-123-4567
[email protected] mail.Com

Superior know-how of laptop structures, layout, and analytical initiatives, at the side of first-hand experience with all levels of product development lifecycle



Master of Science, University of ABC, Dearborn, MI
Anticipated May 20XX
Major: Computer Science

Bachelor of Science, University of ABC, Ann Arbor, MI
May 20XX
Major: Computer Science


Software Engineer, Varys, Detroit, MI
June 20XX – Present

Analyze, troubleshoot and remedy troubles in a well timed and accurate manner.
Produce automated check scripts and define environments to conduct check sports
Extend SDK capability to new systems and companions.
Write clear, concise, and thorough specifications and documentation.
Software Engineer – Intern, Summit Technology, Detroit, MI
December 20XX – May 20XX

Designed and applied algorithms for indexing and looking documents.
Worked with group contributors to research layout procedures and examine feasibility.
Developed software program architectures and designs based on product requirements.
Helped improve the reliability and performance of Summit’s center structures.
Technical Skills

Languages: C++, Java, C#,Net, JavaScript
Applications: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse
Application Server: JBoss, Tomcat
Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux
Database Systems: SQL Server, MySQL, Ingres

Computer Engineer / Programmer Resume Example
FirstName LastName
City, State, Zip
(555) 555-5555
[email protected] mail.Com



Computer Company, Software Engineer
August ‘XX – gift
Software Engineer. Duties consist of growing current launch using C++ and Java; helping in design of subsequent release (J2EE); touring to conventional conferences at SNIA SMIS-S to symbolize Company Soft Manager; travelling to SNW, a semi-annual consumer conference, to showcase product; and running carefully with new developers in India Tech Center.

Computer Company Training Program
June ‘XX – August ‘XX
Member of the Computer Company Bootcamp application, an in depth three-month schooling application for preference software program engineers. The program covered superior topics in software engineering, SQL, C++, J2EE, XML, Windows 2000 Server, Unix, UML, and diverse organization merchandise.

January ‘XX – June ‘XX
Consultant for high school inside the outer Boston vicinity.

Tutored the programming instructors for the AP programming magnificence in the Java programming language. Helped to installation improvement environment for the school room.

Company Inc, Software Engineer CO-OP
January ‘XX – September ‘XX
Developer. Worked on new capability within the 7.0 release of the Company Dynamic Sourcing Engine. Developed in C++ in Unix and Windows Visual Studio. Also worked on a solo assignment to feature multithreaded skills to Company’s engines.


Languages: C++, Java, C, ASP.NET, SQL
Applications: MS Visual Studio, Eclipse
Application Server: JBoss, Tomcat
Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux
Database Systems: SQL Server, MySQL
Certifications: CCNA, Unicenter Certified Engineer


ABC College, Troy, NY, May 20XX
Major: Computer Science, Minor: Management


Brother of Delta Chapter of Delta Chi Fraternity

– President (January 20XX – May 20XX)
– Scholarship winner at Delta Chi Leadership Conference

Member of College varsity football group (Sept. 20XX – Dec. 20XX)

Sending an Email Job Application
If you’re sending your resume and cover letter thru email, listing your name and the process title in the difficulty line of the email message:

Subject: Software Engineer – Your Name

Include your touch facts for your email signature, and don’t list the enterprise touch information. Start your e-mail message with the salutation. Here’s an instance of a formatted e mail cover letter.




Software Developer Job Description, Salary and Skills

Are you inquisitive about a profession as a software program developer? Here’s the records you will need to get hired, consisting of a job description, education requirements, favored competencies, and revenue data.

Software Developer Job Description
Software developers are the innovative minds in the back of software program programs. They create software program that allows customers to carry out specific tasks on numerous devices, consisting of computer systems or mobile devices.

They are answerable for the whole development, trying out, and renovation process of software program applications.

With a couple of sectors and vendors competing for the enterprise of stop users the software program international has end up especially competitive. Software builders are pretty sought after to help businesses preserve a competitive area. Software developers should have a clear information of enterprise excellent practices and knowledge of rising software trends.

Software developers work in a wide variety of industries – all the manner from software publishers, to gaming businesses, to the authorities. However, with the explosion of cell programs (apps), there is now a large market of impartial software program developers.

Education and Training
Software builders usually have a bachelor’s diploma in pc technological know-how and a sturdy programming talent set. It is recommended that scholars studying computer technological know-how cognizance on lessons related to building software program.

Internships are quite advocated as they offer perception into the various programming languages and industries.

Software Developer Skills
Here’s a list of Software Developer skills for resumes, cowl letters, activity applications and interviews. Required capabilities will range based at the job for which you’re making use of, so also evaluation our listing of talents indexed through process and sort of talent.

A – G

Ability to Work Independently and Within Groups
Analyze User Needs
Analytical Thinking
Android Programming Experience
Background in Programming or Computer Science/Engineering
Build Business Logic of Software
C# and .NET Programming Experience
C++ Programming Experience
Comfortable Writing and Analyzing SQL Queries
Create Complex Databases for Organizations
Create Flow Charts
Critical Thinking
Design, Test, and Develop Software to Meet User Needs
Develop Software Applications
Develop Software From Scratch
Document Application Process for Future Maintenance and Upgrades
Ensure Software Functions Normally Through Software Maintenance and Testing
Estimate Project Cost
Estimate Scope of Project
Execute Test Plans
Experience Creating SQL Queries
Experience With Git and Github
H – M

Hands-On Software Troubleshooting Experience
iOS Programming Experience
Java and Java Framework Experience
JavaScript Programming Experience
Keen Attention to Detail
Knowledge of Backend Development Best Practices
Maintain User Manuals and Training Materials
Manage Project Build Lifecycle
Monitor Software Performance Tests
N – S

Provide Input to Improve Business Processes
Provide Reports as Necessary
Ruby on Rails Framework Experience

Recommend Software Upgrades
Research and Consult About Potential Software and/or System Changes
Revise Programs for Corrections, Enhancements, or Environment Changes
Share Knowledge and Expertise with Fellow Team Members
Solid Understanding of Company’s Needs
Source Control Management Experience
Strong Problem Solver
Strong Oral and Written Communication
T – Z

Thorough Understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms
Understand Software Design Patterns
User Interface / User Experience
Write and Maintain Software
Working Knowledge of XML and Web Services
Software Developer Salaries
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Software developer with a focus on structures software earned a mean of $ninety nine,000 in 2012. The backside 10% of those builders earned a median of $sixty two,800, whilst the pinnacle 10% earned in extra of $148,850.

Software builders inside the packages arena earned an average of $ninety,060. The bottom %10 of these builders earned $55,one hundred ninety whilst the pinnacle 10% earned in extra of $138,800.



Software Engineer Skills List

Software engineers create software program and structures for computers. They employ techniques of math, technological know-how, engineering and layout, and regularly have to check and compare their personal systems in addition to software program built via different people.

Software engineers usually have a diploma in Computer Science. They ought to have robust analytical and problem fixing skills. A software engineer will usually want to actively are seeking for to analyze new technology, and have notable verbal exchange and interpersonal capabilities.

Software engineers need to be intrinsically stimulated and feature revel in with diverse programming languages.

How to Use Skills Lists
Use the abilties noted right here that will help you in your job seek. You can placed them to apply on your resume, especially inside the descriptions of your paintings history. You also can use them in your cowl letter to explain earlier paintings enjoy. In coaching to interview, recollect bringing up some of those tendencies so one can deliver examples of how you’ve demonstrated them in prior paintings. Be prepared to proportion examples of ways you’ve got exemplified every.

Each task will require special abilities and experiences, so ensure you study the process description carefully, and attention on the talents listed by way of the company.

Here’s a list of software program engineer talents for resumes, cover letters, job programs and interviews. Required competencies will vary based totally at the task for that you’re making use of, so also evaluate our listing of competencies listed by activity and sort of skill.

Top Four Most Important Skills Employers Look for in Software Engineer
Manage Multiple Projects in Deadline-Driven Environments
It’s probably that as a software program engineer, whether you work remotely as a freelancer, or as a full time worker in an office, you’ll come upon the need to manage multiple projects without delay, every with their own specific and urgent timeline.


A a success software engineer could be capable of prioritize, triage, and control all the numerous milestones of all of the various projects on their plate at a given time.

Along with handling timelines, a software engineer will want with the intention to thrive in an environment in which time limits arise often. You’ll have to manage other people’s priorities, and balance them with your personal, and the needs of your different clients or projects.

Work Well with Teams
Although writing code is normally a solitary endeavor, a software engineer can be required to communicate often with other human beings and groups. A a success software program engineer need to be able to talk responsibly with diplomacy and with grace. You ought to be capable of articulate virtually the needs of a assignment you’re working on, as well as be able to discuss any challenges or issues that come up. Software engineers will robotically should work with a number of different teams and departments right now, as well as your personal colleagues and other engineers.

Software engineers are required to paintings closely with designers and statistics architects. You may be required to paintings with people whose ideas and philosophies you can disagree with, but the work will need to keep however.

Compromises are regularly made, as software engineers rarely have a hundred percent autonomy over the final results of a project. A a hit engineer could be comfy with those dynamics, and should be at ease with meeting in the center, and sharing obligations with folks that aren’t necessarily engineers themselves.

Understand Software Engineering Best Practices
There are certain practices and requirements within the industry that a successful software program engineer will want to grasp. These consist of basics, like utilising version manipulate structures so you don’t lose antique paintings in case you’d like to revert to an earlier version of your own code; or using a robust and thorough testing protocol. They also include less simple information like having the ability to analyze and preserve older code, and developing strategic methodologies upon that you construct your coding framework.

Writing code, it’s argued with the aid of many, is as an awful lot an art as a technology, and a a success software engineer will learn how to get alongside in a quick-paced, ever-changing, and aggressive industry with the aid of knowing the enterprise’s fine practices, and adhering to them as closely as possible.

Experience with Multiple Coding Languages
Many software engineers are fluent in a single essential language, and this turns into their area of expertise. This works pretty nicely, however it doesn’t suggest other languages should be excluded entirely from a successful engineer’s digital vocabulary. An company received’t always anticipate you to be fluent in all the ones essential coding languages of the day, but you’ll be greater appealing to an organization in case you’re capable of examine languages with analogous features, or in case you understand a chunk about different varieties of languages. A based language as opposed to a functional one, as an example.

Being a software engineer is a lucrative subject with lots of task opportunities. Assess your self for the skills indexed here to see how you might degree up inside the job market.

Software Engineer Skills List
A – G

Ability to Analyze Complex Technical Information
Analyze Business Requirements and Assess Impact With Existing Database Architecture
Analyze, Design and Implement Database Structures
Conduct Research
Consistently Seeking and Learning New Technology
Detail Oriented
Enhance the Functional and Technical Aspects of Products
Excellent Problem Solver
Experience Building Software Applications
Experience With JavaScript
Experience With Source Code and Version Repository
Experience Working With Linux/Unix, Perl, or Shell
Familiar with UI Toolkits and Frameworks
H – M

Hands-On SQL Experience
Java, Ruby, PHP or Python Experience
Lead and Deliver Complex Software Systems
Manage Multiple Projects in a Deadline-Driven Environment
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, Web API Experience
N – S

Node.Js Experience
Participate in Source Code and Design Reviews
Passion for Developing Engaging Consumer Experiences
Previous Experience Working Within an Agile Scrum Team
Provide Development and Testing Support of Other Engineers
Ruby on Rails Experience
Solid Knowledge of Java
Strong Oral and Written Communication
Strong Problem Solver
T – Z

Thorough Understanding of Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, and Data Structures
Thrive in Dynamic, Fast-Paced Environments
Transform Requirements into Design Concepts and ERDs
Troubleshoot and Debug Issues
Understand Software Engineering Best Practices
Work Well Independently and Within a Team Setting
Work Within an Agile Scrum Team
Working Knowledge of C, C++, and C#
Write Clear and Detailed Technical Specifications and Documentation




How to Automatically Crossfade Music in WMP 11

Why Crossfade Songs?
While paying attention to your digital tune series, do you every now and then desire that you can have clean transitions between songs rather than silent gaps? It can be an demanding enjoy that every so often spoils your leisure when there are long pauses within the song till the subsequent music receives going. This is mainly authentic when you have set up a large playlist of music tracks that might sound way better in the event that they had been played non-stop.

You can quickly beautify the amusement of your digital song collection via the usage of the (now not so apparent) crossfade characteristic that is built into Windows Media Player eleven (for Windows Media Player 12, comply with our instructional on crossfading songs in WMP 12 rather). If you are not sure what crossfading is, then it’s miles an audio mixing technique (regularly used in DJ software) that makes use of volume stage ramping — i.E. The music that is presently gambling is dwindled out to the heritage at the same time as the following song is progressively diminished in at the equal time. This creates a clean transition between the 2 which enhances your listening revel in and sounds a lot greater professional as a end result.

Rather than having to tolerate this undesirable silence between your song tracks (which from time to time can seem to head on for all time), why no longer observe this brief crossfading educational. By studying our guide, you’ll discover the way to get admission to this splendid characteristic in WMP eleven; which incidentally is not smooth to find.

You will also learn out how to modify the variety of seconds to overlap songs by means of for seamless automated crossfading on every occasion.

Accessing the Crossfade Configuration Screen

Run Windows Media Player 11.
Click the View menu tab on the pinnacle of the display after which pick out Enhancements > Crossfading and Auto Volume Leveling. If you can’t see the principle menu alternatives on the top of the display screen which will get right of entry to Windows Media Player’s upgrades display screen, then preserve the [CTRL] key and press [M] to show at the menu bar.

You ought to now see this advanced option inside the lower pane of the Now Playing screen.

Turning on Crossfading and Setting the Overlap Time
By default crossfading is became off, but you can activate this special mixing feature in Windows Media Player 11 with the aid of clicking the Turn on Crossfading option (blue link) close to the bottom of the display screen.
Using the slider bar, set the amount of overlap (in seconds) you need to use — that is the integration time to permit for one track to complete and the next one to begin. In order to successfully crossfade songs, you’ll need to set a sufficient quantity of overlap for one tune to vanish into the history at the same time as the following track’s volume is ramped up. You can dissipate to 10 seconds for this manner in WMP eleven, even though you may need to initially begin at five seconds and test on what works the pleasant for the song you’re gambling.
Testing and Tweaking Automatic Crossfading
Click the Library menu tab on the top of the display.
To get the premiere amount of overlap in your songs, start via doing a check-run the use of an present playlist you’ve got already created (discovered in the Playlists segment inside the left menu pane). If you don’t know a way to try this, then observe our tutorial on a way to create a playlist in WMP eleven. Simply double-click on considered one of your playlists to begin playing songs. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop a few songs from your Windows Media Player library into the right-hand pane to create a temporary playlist.

While you are playing songs, switch to the Now Playing screen — click the blue Now Playing button near the top of the display. If you don’t want to look forward to a track to complete to pay attention the crossfade, slide the are seeking for bar (that is the long blue bar near the lowest of the display screen) to almost the stop of the song. Alternatively, hold down the mouse button at the bypass tune button which also acts as a quick forward button.
If the overlap is not correct, use the crossfade slider bar to both increase or decrease the wide variety of seconds.
Recheck the crossfade once more if important among the next two songs in your playlist.




DJ Software: What Does This Type of Music App do?

What Exactly is DJ Software?
In its best form, a DJ software program application (or app) permits you to take individual music tracks and integrate them to create a new (remixed) music. Essentially this type of song making software emulates the ‘old-fashion’ way that DJs used inside the beyond to remix tracks — that is, a physical DJ mixing deck and vinyl information.

However, with the sunrise of the virtual age you may now do that with a laptop, or even a transportable device like your telephone (thru an app).

And, this virtual manner of blending song has a lot extra opportunities too as compared to the ‘old-college’ way.

Can I Use my Digital Music Library to Create Remixes?
Yes you may. If you are just beginning out experimenting with remixing, then one of the fundamental benefits is being able to use the songs already for your series. DJ software program can right away open up a whole new international without you having to buy music / sound packs just to get commenced.

Most DJ software program has direct assist for loading songs from an iTunes song library for example. However, as long as the songs are in an audio layout that the DJ software software can handle, then you may be capable of use them irrespective of what jukebox software program you use.

You can create your personal remixes free of charge, or even entire playlists if you’re feeling certainly creative.

What Features Does a Typical DJ App Have?
In order for the integration of more than one tracks and inputs, the interface of a DJ software program program has to comprise all of the necessary controls much like a actual DJ mixing table.

This can range between one software application and the subsequent, but core capabilities that you’ll usually see are:

Virtual turntables — these can be moved back and forth like real data to feature scratching outcomes, and so on.
Controls for EQ and benefit — that is used for shaping sound by means of tweaking settings such as bass, mid frequencies, and the highs. The advantage feature is for balancing the audio output between every of the decks and on occasion external hardware.

Crossfaders — important sliding controls for mixing among assets.
Transport controls — features including begin, stop, cue, pitch, bpm, keylock, and so on.
Real-time outcomes — a range of actual-time effects may be layered on top of the playing track so one can create precise and atmospheric mixes.
The above examples best scratch the floor on what a typical DJ software program application will have. But, these are center functions that are critical for extraordinary mixes however.

Do I Need Any Hardware For Digital DJing?
You don’t always need any hardware in aggregate with digital DJ software program. You can really tap your finger on a telephone display screen or use a keyboard and mouse on a laptop. However, a DJ hardware controller is a lot better, particularly in case you want to take your remixing to the following degree.

As you might anticipate, those special external hardware devices look very similar to DJ turntables. And, they may be often preferred by means of professional DJs because of the more familiar (and useful) interface. But, beneath the hood they are of course entirely virtual. MIDI control is used to speak with the DJ software. Some hardware also helps something called, Vinyl Control. This allows you to interact with virtual audio as although it changed into physically on a vinyl file.




Dassault Systemes puts 3D software on the cloud

Dassault Systemes, a €three-billion French business enterprise providing 3-d design software program, has brought the software program, 3DEXPERIENCE, at the cloud to clients in India, in step with Samson Khaou, Managing Director, Dassault Systemes India Pvt Ltd.

3DEXPERIENCE allows clients capture all factors of a product layout, simulation, and production techniques along its answer for industries such as aerospace, defense, industrial engineering, and transportation, he said.

3DEXPERIENCE become being supplied on the client’s premises and is now to be had underneath Platform-as-a-Service on a monthly subscription, he stated. The employer expects small and medium organizations and begin-united states of America to apply the cloud model, he instructed newspersons, at the same time as launching 3DEXPERIENCE on wheels roadshow, a cell front room with the platform demonstrations of product layout, simulation, and production operations.

Nearly 80 in line with a scent of Dassault’s software program portfolio is available on the cloud. Customers can choose either the on-premise or cloud model. “We have simply launched the cloud version in India and hope that the pace of adoption of cloud will accelerate towards give up of this yr given market capability right here. Cloud model might be one of the potential drivers for us in India,” he said.

Khaou flagged off the ‘3DEXPERIENCE on Wheels’ with the automobile traveling Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra connecting the manufacturing hubs.

In the subsequent 90 days, it will cover 10 districts in these States that are predominant hubs of automotive, aerospace, defense, and commercial manufacturing groups.

“With this marketing campaign, we are trying to join over a hundred and fifty potential SMEs and offer them an outline on the possibilities of product design to simulation and streamlining operations and manufacturing system on 3DEXPERIENCE platform,” he stated.

In India, Dassault has almost eight,000 clients, which include Hyundai, Ford and Ashok Leyland, and 1,500 educational institutions, he stated.

Solidworks Vs AutoCAD


From my first day in engineering school, until my previous position as engineering manager; I have gotten to test Solidworks vs AutoCAD side by side. I have used AutoCAD, AutoCAD 3d and the latest versions of Solidworks. Autodesk owns AutoCAD and Dassault Systemes owns Solidworks. From a company standpoint, each company has several products/divisions. To start, each company has ventured outside of CAD products which I can’t speculate on because I don’t quite understand how or if the other products are related to their CAD products and how it ties into their greater strategy. Autodesk owns 4 CAD products that I’m aware of. The other 3 include; Inventor, Revit, and 3ds Max. Dassault Systemes owns only 1 other product; Catia. From a company perspective, I confide with Dassault Systemes. They are focusing on a very narrow but large market, particularly pertaining to mechanical engineers and aerospace engineers. Autodesk, on the other hand, seems to be trying to fill holes in the market and overextending themselves. Their original product was great, 2d drafting software that worked best for architecture and buildings.

Dassault systems CATIA

Here is my Solidworks vs AutoCAD take. I feel that Solidworks is much better suited for designing complex systems and machines, and AutoCAD 3d is much better suited for civil engineers and those who design less complex systems. It is much less automated and more difficult to change things on the fly. The analogy I would give is Solidworks is like a word processor and AutoCAD is like a typrwriter. Since Solidworks is feature driven, features can be edited in context and the user can see how the changes affect the entire system. Solidworks has many tools that mimic the actual manufacturing processes; for example hole wizard. This is essentially like an entire, drill, tap, countersink and counterbore index and allows the user to place complex hole paterns in seconds. It also has a built in library of all of the starndard and some non-standard hardware. This makes it quite easy to automade the design process. I have personally saved all of the hardware in the default Solidworks library that we use in our inventory and given it the corresponding inventory part number so I can just pick and pull and place parts.

Obtain The CAD Software You Need At No Cost

softwareIt is possible to assist from unfastened CAD software program. It is first-class to gain such blessings and now not spend anything for it. Some humans are skeptical thought and experience that they won’t get a good product in the event that they do not pay for it. They may additionally sense that there are too many functions missing for it to be justified. While lots of those without cost have the fundamental functions best, they still have masses of cost.

list of software programs

This may be an excellent manner so as to discover the sector of CAD and what it may supply. Perhaps you’re new to the standards and also you wish to discover. It can also help you to determine if you need to pay for superior capabilities or not. If you simplest need the program on uncommon occasions, you’ll be simply first-class to depend upon unfastened CAD software program to get the job executed.

Level and Reliability

There are one-of-a-kind degrees of loose CAD software program to be had so that you need to reflect consideration on your skills. They are labeled as a novice, intermediate, and advanced. Some of them simplest provide 2D whilst others have 3D features. Think about your talent stage and what you need access to find the proper one.

Make positive you check the popularity of this system too before you buy it. The ultimate element you want is an application that is difficult to navigate, slow to run, or maybe one that may be a scam and infects your laptop device. Make positive you find out about the organization and what they offer earlier than you sign on for some thing or you down load any software.


For beginners, unfastened CAD software is often sufficient that will help you mess around, to strive various options, and to begin to comfy a great foundation you could retain to construct upon. If you’re low on budget to get began with such a software even though, a loose one is higher than no tools at all to count on. You can constantly improve or buy a program down the street.


As you search around, search for loose CAD software that is like minded with your pc machine. This is critical for you on the way to get admission to the program and to apply it efficiently. Avoid any ads free of charge applications that make you input your credit score card records. Some of them have a restricted amount of time at no cost and you then agree to be charged.

Too regularly, that first-rate print is disregarded and it isn’t till you get billed that you study it. Make certain you are completely aware of what you get, and that the program really is offered to you free of charge with none strings attached or future billing agreements in the vicinity.

The CIO Paradox: Cloud Computing Vs EBITDA


What’s now not to love approximately cloud computing? It enables agencies to efficiently and correctly make use of shared hardware, software, and different offerings on an as-needed basis. The cloud model generally moves duty for the ownership, renovation, and operations of IT offerings from an internal IT corporation to an outside issue. Just ask any Software, Infrastructure or Platform as a Service provider about the advantages. They can spout them from memory like the Pledge of Allegiance: Efficient Scalability, High Availability, Greater Operational Agility, Disaster Recovery, Workforce Mobility, Increased Security, Reduced Capital Expenditures, and the list goes on. Sounds like amazing information for any CIO whose plate is overflowing with ‘wake up in a chilly sweat’ challenges in a majority of these areas. Where do I sign, right?


Businesses who are thinking about a pass to cloud computing should fully understand the selection may want to have the possible impact on key organization financial metrics, which includes EBITDA. What is EBITDA? EBITDA is defined by Wikipedia as A business enterprise’s Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. EBITDA is an accounting measure calculated the usage of an employer’s net profits, before interest prices, taxes, depreciation, and amortization are subtracted, as a dimension of an employer’s cutting-edge operating profitability.

find my cloud account

Why need to a CIO be involved about EBITDA? EBITDA is extensively used in many regions of finance whilst comparing the performance and valuation of a corporation. In many cases, EBITDA is likewise a key metric applied to determine an executive team’s incentive bonus, including the CIO. Now, do I even have your attention?

If a commercial enterprise isn’t the usage of cloud computing and makes a decision to buy hardware, software and different era infrastructure, the expenditure is financially suggested as a capital expenditure and the asset is depreciated over the years. Essentially, capital expenses have no poor impact on EBITDA. However, cloud computing costs are recorded as a running cost. Services recorded as an operating expense may negatively affect EBITDA due to the fact this metric is adjusted for depreciation of capital prices however no longer for working prices.