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September 20, 2021


If you are someone who is new at gardening and willing to turn your home into a fancy garden, the chances are that you might get caught with some buyer’s remorse. There goes a certain skill in being able to distinguish healthier plants from others. If you want to add more greens at your place and cannot find the right plants, do not worry, as we have got some helpful tips for choosing the best plants at the nursery.



Look for plants with greener foliage. The health of a plant can be determined through the color and condition of its leaves. It can be said that the leaves of a plant are a mirror of its health. While the color green indicates good health, plants with brown or yellowing indicate over or under-watering. It can also mean being placed in the wrong exposure. The plants should not have pale or dark spots as they indicate disease that could spread to your existing plants at home. Such plants can mean potential problems for all your plants. Also, watch out for webs or chewed leaves.


You should not purchase plants that have been sitting in the nursery for too long. A nursery is only supposed to hold plants temporarily. However, plants tend to sit in the nursery for weeks, months, or even longer. You should make sure that the plant that you are willing to purchase is not an old one. This happens because even though plants may be sitting in their nursery container, their roots keep growing in a circle in the shape of the container. This can lead to a root-bound plant which ultimately causes the plant to die. This is a problem because the roots are severely hampered in their efforts to absorb water and nutrients, which leads to a sickly plant and ultimately death.


One always presumes that bigger is always better. Well, it is not necessarily so in the case of plants.  Plants smaller in size are younger and have an easier time dealing with the shock associated with transplanting. Apart from that, they do not have much top growth and, as a result, grow more quickly than the same plant in a large size.


Transplanting causes most of the harm to a plant as it takes a while for a plant to adapt to the new environment in which it is put. Buying plants from local growers prevent this problem from happening as the plants are already adapted to the local climate.


It would help if you did a thorough examination of the label on the plant before buying it from the nursery. It requires a plant. Take a moment to look at the label for important information regarding how large it will grow and what environment it should be kept in. It may include other helpful information like how much water it needs, etc., so you could take care of it accordingly.

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