Running a Computer Repair Business During the Pandemic

Running a Computer Repair Business During the Pandemic 1

Physical retail shops are lessening due to the lack of customers during this pandemic. But it doesn’t mean that you should give up your computer repair store. Computer repair is still an essential service today. Millions of Americans utilize this service every day, making it a multi-billion industry.

However, if you want your shop to grow and succeed this year, you’re going to have to add new additions to your shop. So here are some simple additions that will help you grow your computer repair shop this year.

Computer Repair

Spend Some Money on Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition cost is an expense you utilize if you want to bring customers into your store. Many years ago, you can get away without spending anything on customer acquisition, but nowadays, every dollar you spend on it counts.

Customer acquisition comes in many forms. It can be as simple as offering iced tea to anyone who visits your computer repair shop. It can also be as good as giving free repairs to people who purchase an item from your shop. Consider your options and how much you are willing to spend on customer acquisition before implementing it.

You can see how much you spend on customer acquisition by dividing your total costs over the customers you’ve gained in a given period. Through this, you can know whether if you can sustain your customer acquisition programs or not. If you’re hitting below your intended goal, then consider spending more. If you’re reaching your goal, then consider spending a bit more to surpass it.

Concentrate on Making Every Visit an Experience

People no longer enter repair shops and other retail stores if they know they can get the necessary services online. This is the reality of running a physical shop during the pandemic and why computer repair shops are slowly fading out of existence. But this doesn’t mean that you should give up. Instead, concentrate on making every customer visit an experience through these simple ways.

Focus on Transparency

The art of transparency is being done by many restaurants here in the US. People order food and see their food being cooked right behind a glass screen. This can also be done in your repair shop.

Minor repairs can be a showcase of your employees’ talent and skill. It’s also pretty entertaining to watch while ensuring that your repairs are safe and that you don’t take any parts from your consumers. Your consumers will certainly appreciate you doing this.

Put Out Computer Setups

If your repair shop also sells computers and laptops on the side, make sure that you create a setup for them. Let your consumers test your product and see for themselves what it can do. Additionally, you can put expensive computers and laptops on top of beautiful cases that show each part and item to those who look at it.

Offer Various Services

Don’t limit yourself to just computer and laptop repair. Did you know that Americans break $3.4 billion worth of smartphone screens every year? This makes smartphone screen repair a ludicrous business for every repair shop, and you’re going to miss out on it if you don’t do it today. This example of versatility can lead you, especially in the computer and laptop repair industry.

Many people enter your shop expecting so much more than just getting their computer or laptop repaired. They expect to get software or maybe even hardware from your shop. Some might even ask you if you build gaming computers. These are all options for you to earn more revenue, and you can easily miss out on these if you don’t offer them in your shop.

Stream Your Services

Interestingly enough, one way physical retailers are marketing themselves freely is through streaming. As a result, platforms like Twitch and Facebook Live are becoming hotspots for many consumers, especially those bored during this pandemic.

As a computer repair shop, you can fully utilize streaming as several people repair and clean an interesting watch. Furthermore, having more views can lead to more people knowing more about your store with no cost whatsoever. It’s free marketing and one you should take advantage of during this pandemic.

Establish an Online Footprint

Lastly, your physical shop can’t survive this pandemic without establishing any online presence. As stated earlier, most consumers are now finding services and products online, and there is a huge chance that your competitors are leveraging this.

Creating a website or using pre-made ones is good enough. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all that engaging either. A website that lists your services and products should be enough to bring customer attention to your shop. If you’re willing to invest more into your website, you can make it more engaging through chatbots and online services.

By implementing these strategies in your shop, you will eventually see growth in customers in your shop. New customers will then lead to organic growth within your company, translating into more revenues in the future. Therefore, it’s worth implementing these changes as early as you can so you can take advantage of them as time goes on.

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