Mixed reaction to online property registration

Mixed reaction to online property registration 1

A week after online registration of assets came into exercise, the elimination of guide registration has thrown up a combined bag of studies for the stakeholders. Amidst lawsuits of delays in approval with the arrival of online registration, reputable resources at the registrar’s workplace claim the device is a boon, lending efficiency to the registration procedure.

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Document writers, but, are an aggrieved lot. According to them, the wide variety of registrations has come down because the technique went online. “The range of approvals has come down as the time scale for approval is 2 to three days. Earlier, a report turned into proven and authorized on an unmarried day. Now it takes days,” says Prasanna, a report creator in Rayakottai. The system includes the record creator uploading the file in pdf layout with accompanying documentary proof. Once the report is accredited, an automatic login ID is generated to the report creator, and a token quantity is issued. Thereafter, a payment for the registration is made.

“At times, online charge fails because of a gradual server after which were requested to put up a DD drawn within the name of the registrar,” says Prasanna. The delay in approvals impacts the presence of the witnesses, says Thanga Raj, an actual property broker. The two witnesses attested won’t be able to go back 3 days later due to the put-off within the approval system, he says. “Earlier, the witnesses and the events are present on the unmarried day whilst registration takes place. But, the system defects in approval forces them to make trips to the registrar’s workplace,” says Sridhar, a file author at Krishnagiri sub-registrars office.

Under online registration, events must be present on the day their token-wide variety is due for registration. In a manner, this has trumped auspiciousness of the times selected for registration, says an authentic. For example, in Hosur, no registrations are performed on Tuesdays. But, this Tuesday, over 70 registrations were carried says the official source.


Officers disregard these grievances but. According to legitimate resources, the most important benefit is hunting downcast registrations. The software program sends an alert to the property holder’s variety of duplication of assets for registration. The preliminary week’s glitches are overplayed by document writers, allege officials. The postponement in approval is basically because of mistakes inside the report itself. The online registration has but expanded fees for report writers. Further, the district administration has additionally entreated browsing centers to upload files for registration. Soon, the online registration procedure might wean out the durability of record writers within the registration system line, worry a few.

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