Common Illegal Car Modifications

Common Illegal Car Modifications 1

Owning a car delivers many advantages. This is more so as you can customize it to your liking. While your exquisite taste and style make your vehicle much more personal, it is essential to consider how modifications sit with the law before hitting the shop. With the best Honda repair shop, you’ll find all sorts of change that improves the car’s looks, feel, and functionality. Nonetheless, ensuring you don’t break the law with the changes shouldn’t take the backseat. Here is a quick look at some illegal car modifications you need to know.

Car Modifications

Bright lightbar

Installing those bright lights might seem like a good idea; they are great while driving in dark areas, mainly off-road, with less or no traffic. Nonetheless, considering the potential for causing accidents, using them in places like highways is prohibited. Imagine being on populated streets with such light. You’ll temporarily blind other drivers. If not temporarily blinded, the light can distract them long enough to cause an accident. Considering the potential dangers they invite, bright light will land you in trouble with the law.

Rolling coal

Modifying your diesel engine to emit significant black/grey sooty fumes seems fun. While this might be attractive to the younger car owners, it’ll land them on the wrong side of the law. The significant fumes can cause difficulties for other drivers due to the affected vision. What’s more, the fumes pollute the air. The fumes are a spectacle but a violation of the Clean Air Act and an illegal modification.

License plate modifications

Automatic license covers are enticing. At a flick of a switch, you can cover the plate, but only for no good reason. You could be trying to be clever as you break the law, such as running a red light. You see it in the movies, but it will land you in trouble if you use them on the road. Apart from the covers, some frames will get you pulled over in some states. Retractable license plate holders and those clever hacks that help you evade law enforcement are illegal.

Laser jammers

Speeding limits can be frustrating, especially while in a hurry. You don’t want a ticket and some points off your driving record, and as you consider modifications, a laser jammer can’t seem tempting. A laser jammer overwhelms the laser guns. This leads to faulty or no speed measurement, meaning you can break the limits without getting caught. With that in mind, laser jammers are illegal modifications.

Loud exhaust system

Get loud and proud, but to what degree? Noise pollution, while easily overlooked, is a menace, a concern that the law acknowledges. This is a problem, especially with high-powered sports cars. There are lots of aftermarket tuners that let you capture that loud exhaust sound. Nonetheless, before having it installed, consider your state’s regulations. It is banned in some states, while others set the limits, mitigating the exhaust system noise.

Illegal car modifications vary from one state to the next. While some might not warrant significant action, others could land you in considerable trouble. As such, enlist a reliable and reputable Mercedes repair shop, helping you to establish and avoid illegal modifications and invest in quality aftermarket upgrades that’ll help you customize the car to your taste.

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