6 Tips for Hiring a Mold Removal Company

6 Tips for Hiring a Mold Removal Company 1

Your home is your biggest investment, not just in terms of monetary digits but also because it concerns your healthy survival. Mold can be hazardous to you and your family for a long period. That is why hiring a mold removal company is so important. However, it would help if you were also wary of fraudulent companies and contractors who would deceive you about the job. Nevertheless, some companies are quite trustworthy and well-researched about your issue. Here are six ideas to help you hire the right mold removal company.

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If a contractor comes knocking on your door dressed unprofessionally with an unmarked truck and something doesn’t seem right, do not feel pressured to hire them. And picking a mold removal company is no different! Make sure that you pay attention to what you think. If they are in an unmarked truck, they are not looking or acting professional, or perhaps they don’t give off a trustworthy vibe. It’s okay to cut the meeting short. Trust your gut with your final decision.


It is important to ask for referrals before hiring a mold removal company. If you are looking up a company online to use, try and do your research. In many cases, a company that has done a bad job for someone can do that same bad job for many people. Make sure to do an extensive Google search and find out the reviews for the company. You can also ask friends and family for referrals. Asking is a great and easy way to find a mold removal company that you can trust.


The technicians must be insured for safety reasons and liability if an accident happens in your home. Also, note that workers’ compensation and pollution insurance are all important. If they do not have these, hiring a different mold removal company is a good idea. This is because without these, if any accident occurs, you can become liable for it.


A simple verbal agreement is not enough. Make sure you have something in writing to validate your and their words. It can save you a lot of time later to have some form of paperwork and signatures on both sides. It can also keep the contractor from cutting corners.


Not everything that comes with cheap rates is good. It’s important not to look at the price. First, you may think you are looking at a very inexpensive option, but it may have more hidden fees that you will only find out about later. Make sure that you are getting the entire cost from each company. Secondly, the lowest bid may be insufficient for a reason, and the same goes for the highest bid. Do your research.


A company should be able to provide certificates of insurance. One of the most important is the IICRC-certified technicians. This means they understand the best mold cleaning and restoring techniques for mold removal. They also appreciate cleaners and chemicals.

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