How to Automatically Crossfade Music in WMP 11

How to Automatically Crossfade Music in WMP 11 1

Why Crossfade Songs?

While paying attention to your digital tune series, do you now and then desire that you can have clean transitions between songs rather than silent gaps? It can be a demanding enjoy that often spoils your leisure when there are long pauses within the song until the subsequent music receives going. This is mainly authentic when you have set up a large playlist of music tracks that might sound way better if they had been played non-stop.

Crossfade Music

You can quickly beautify the amusement of your digital song collection via the usage of the (now not so apparent) crossfade characteristic that is built in to Windows Media Player eleven (for Windows Media Player 12, comply with our instructional on crossfading songs in WMP 12 rather). If you are not sure what crossfading is, then it’s miles an audio mixing technique (regularly used in DJ software) that makes use of volume stage ramping — i.E. The music that is presently gambling is dwindled out to the heritage simultaneously as the following song is progressively diminished at an equal time. This creates a clean transition between the 2 which enhances your listening revel in and sounds a lot greater professional as a result.

Rather than having to tolerate this undesirable silence between your song tracks (which from time to time can seem to head on for all time), why no longer observe this brief crossfading educational. By studying our guide, you’ll discover how to get admission to this splendid characteristic in WMP eleven, which incidentally is not smooth to find. You will also learn how to modify the variety of seconds to overlap songs through seamless automated crossfading on every occasion.

Accessing the Crossfade Configuration Screen


Run Windows Media Player 11.

Click the View menu tab on the pinnacle of the display, after which pick out Enhancements > Crossfading and Auto Volume Leveling. If you can’t see the principle menu alternatives on the top of the display screen, which will get the right of entry to Windows Media Player’s upgrades display screen, preserve the [CTRL] key and press [M] to show at the menu bar. You ought to now see this advanced option inside the lower pane of the Now Playing screen.

Turning on Crossfading and Setting the Overlap Time

By default, crossfading is became off, but you can activate this special mixing feature in Windows Media Player 11 with the aid of clicking the Turn on Crossfading option (blue link) close to the bottom of the display screen. Using the slider bar, set the amount of overlap (in seconds) you need to use — that is, the integration time to permit for one track to complete and the next one to begin. To successfully crossfade songs, you’ll need to set a sufficient quantity of overlap for one tune to vanish into history at the same time as the following track’s volume is ramped up. You can dissipate to 10 seconds for this manner in WMP eleven, even though you may need to initially begin at five seconds and test what works the pleasant for the song you’re gambling.

Testing and Tweaking Automatic Crossfading

Click the Library menu tab on the top of the display. To get the premiere amount of overlap in your songs, start via a check-run using a present playlist you’ve already created (discovered in the Playlists segment inside the left menu pane). If you don’t know a way to try this, then observe our tutorial to create a playlist in WMP eleven. Double-click on considered one of your playlists to begin playing songs. Alternatively, you can drag and drop a few songs from your Windows Media Player library into the right-hand pane to create a temporary playlist.

While you are playing songs, switch to the Now Playing screen — click the blue Now Playing button near the top of the display. If you don’t want to look forward to a track to complete to pay attention to the crossfade, slide the are seeking the bar (that is, the long blue bar near the lowest display screen) to almost the stop of the song. Alternatively, hold down the mouse button at the bypass tune button, which also acts as a quick forward button.
If the overlap is not correct, use the crossfade slider bar to increase or decrease the wide variety of seconds.
Recheck the crossfade once more if important among the next two songs in your playlist.


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