Effective ways to get a lower personal loan interest rate

Effective ways to get a lower personal loan interest rate 1

Personal loans help manage urgent financial needs efficiently. Because of its easy accessibility, collateral-free applications, minimal documentation requirements, instant disbursals, and no end-use restrictions, borrowing a personal loan is easier than ever.

But the most important thing is to obtain a personal loan at the best interest rate. A lower individual loan rate will lower overall interest, bringing down your total liability, increasing your repayment capacity, and helping you manage your debt effectively.

Securing a low interest rate is not always easy as lenders consider multiple factors, including the loan applicant’s credit score, job profile, monthly income, and employment history, before sanctioning a personal loan. Here are a few things you, as a borrower, can do to get the lowest interest rates possible.

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1. Choose the right lender

Each lender sets specific personal loan eligibility criteria that borrowers must fulfill to receive instant loan approval. Check out different lenders and choose one with easy-to-meet benchmarks and affordable interest rates. Many tools, such as a personal loan EMI calculator, are available online to compare other loan offers and calculate the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) payout for each loan. Moreover, you can check lenders’ websites to find their latest personal loan interest rates and additional costs like foreclosure charges, processing fees, etc.

2. Apply for the right amount

Before taking out a loan, figure out how much you need to borrow and your ability to repay monthly. Here also, you can use the personal loan EMI calculator most lenders offer on their websites. This online tool can help you estimate your monthly repayments and see how different loan amounts and interest rates affect your overall costs. Just enter the required loan amount, interest rate, and repayment tenure. Choose the appropriate loan amount with the lowest EMI value based on the results.

3. Use your professional network

You can also utilize your company’s reputation or employment status to negotiate a lower personal loan interest rate. Several reputed companies have good connections with lending institutions. If your company is one of them, the lender may offer you favorable personal loan terms since the lender gains assurance that you have sufficient financial means to make timely payments.

4. Maintain a clean record of repayment history

Your repayment history records how you have handled previous debts and loans. So, if you have any pending credit card bills, try to pay them in full. Clear off your debts monthly to avoid any unpaid balances. Also, if you have any existing loans, pay the EMIs on time, as late payments can impact your credit score. A clean credit history shows the lenders that you are a responsible borrower who can be trusted to repay timely personal loans. You may also get better interest rates.

Closing thoughts

Besides the tips mentioned above and practices, it is also important to maintain a healthy credit score, look out for seasonal offers, show all your income sources, have a good employment history, and research your options carefully. Once done, you can confidently click on the personal loan application button.

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