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May 15, 2021

Which sports still use ‘walk-on girls’?

At odds with modern society” become Formula 1’s reasoning for doing away with grid women for the approaching season.

The choice marked the stop of the long time-antique exercise of using frequently scantily-clad women for promotional duties – like retaining umbrellas and driving force call forums earlier than every race.

It observed carefully in the back of the Professional Darts Corporation which stated ultimate week that stroll-on girls had been to be no more.

Grid female Charlotte Gash instructed BBC Radio five live she become disenchanted and “as a substitute disgusted” that F1 had “given in to the minority to be politically accurate”.

And Charlotte Wood, a stroll-on female at darts fits said her “rights are being taken away” and that running on such occasions accounted for 60% of her earnings.

But for some, the flow is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Women’s Sports Trust is encouraging other sports to comply with the match and forestall positioning women “as an embellishment”.

So which other important sports are the highlight?

If you have ever watched an expert boxing match, you’ll in all likelihood have visible a lady – usually sporting a revealing outfit – strolling across the ring between rounds.

The job of a “ring lady” is to allow the group understand which round is coming up via holding up numbered playing cards.

They have been taken into consideration a part of the glamour of combat promotion since the 1960s.

A ring lady at Liverpool’s Echo ArenaImage copyright Getty IMAGES
Leading promoter Eddie Hearn, whose combatants include WBA heavyweight international champion Anthony Joshua, has no purpose of following the trend by way of doing away with ring-card women from his shows.

He instructed GQ mag: “From a boxing point of view, we want to preserve the traditions of the sport going and in my opinion, it has nothing to do with sexism or feminism.”

He delivered that during darts “stroll-on ladies are not absolutely doing whatever”, while the boxing ring card ladies “serve a purpose”.

But British expert boxer Stacey Copeland says the exercise is “inappropriate” in a carrying arena. She uses kids as mascots at her fights in place of ring girls.

The Stockport-born fighter advised BBC five stay: “Just as it’s usually been that way in darts, Formula 1 and boxing, it would not necessarily make it right.”

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Stacey Copeland
I have children as mascots as opposed to ring card ladies after I container. I desire that at some point it’ll seem crazy that we ever had ring card ladies at all! Https://twitter.Com/womensporttrust/reputation/957162340121800704 …

2: forty-three PM – Jan 28, 2018
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“I’m no longer a snob, I’m now not prudish, I do not look down on each person that does the one’s roles… However as a sportswoman seeking to advantage appreciate and push matters forward for ladies in the game – (ring women) are an issue.”

This is because, Ms. Copeland provides, “their function is handiest to do with how they look – I don’t think that is the maximum superb illustration of women in recreation”.

“In football, we are very used to seeing baby mascots. I assume if we have been to replace all of these children with ladies just status there in dresses for no obvious motive, it would appear unusual.”

Another recreation that historically uses girls in promotional roles is cycling – wherein they’re known as podium hostesses.

The debate over their future surfaced after Slovak bicycle owner Peter Sagan became pictured pinching the lowest of a podium girl after a race in 2013.

The sport becomes then closely criticised years later while bikini-clad girls flanked cyclists at the podium at the Flanders Diamond Tour in Belgium, forcing organizers to apologize.

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Marijn de Vries
This is the rostrum of latest Flanders Diamond Tour, a UCI 1.1 ladies race. What an utter disgrace @LottoCyclingCup!

2:34 AM – Jun 15, 2015
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Journalist and former bike owner Marijn de Vries informed the BBC she would love to peer a quit to podium women in the game.

Her choice might be for podium children to play a part in the displays: “How cool is it to give flora to your big hero?”

However, she brought that, in some cases, the ladies on the podium have been no longer simply there to give plant life but had an essential function as hostess of the event.

She said: “At the cease of the day you need individuals who organize the aspect programme, and in the event that they had the flowers on the top of the race, I don’t mind.”

Some competitions have taken a stand towards it, with the Tour Down Under finding out to scrap using podium girls closing yr, the use of junior cyclists of their area.

The Tour de Yorkshire additionally selected an alternative, alternatively celebrating a success neighborhood businesswoman, at the same time as the Vuelta an Espana has become the first Grand Tour to lose podium ladies, changing them with “elegantly dressed” men and women in 2017.

“Hostesses are surplus to necessities at the podium; it’s miles like treating them as mere items,” Spanish bicycle owner Mikel Landa of Team Sky told Spain’s El Correo newspaper.

But they continue to be in the game’s blue ribbon occasion, the Tour de France.

Chris FroomeImage copyright Getty IMAGES
Image caption
Britain’s 4-time Tour de France champion Chris Froome receiving podium kisses
Laura Weislo, Cycling News deputy editor, argues that until girls have identical status in the sport, the hostesses have to both be dropped – or guys have to be used as properly.

She advised BBC Radio four: “You want any person to offer the prizes and it must be expert, and it should look accurate. It has to be pretty for the cameras, however, men can be stunning too.

“The complete podium kissing on the cheek thing I assume is only a little bit bizarre, and it just brings this detail of sexualization of the ceremony into it that I don’t think is essential.”

Ring-card ladies, particular to combat sports, also characteristic heavily in combined martial arts (MMA).

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the dominant MMA promoter worldwide, returns to London’s O2 Arena in March for the tenth time and could bring its model of ring women – known as octagon women.

UFC’s internet site has photos of some of the octagon girls from around the world, one description accompanying a photograph reads, “the lengthy black hair, charming smile and curves of Camila Oliveira are jaw-dropping”.

An octagon girl at UFCImage copyright Getty IMAGES
The Women’s Sports Trust says the hassle of using models along sport is “the message it gives about how ladies are valued in society”.

“Sporting visitors are predicted to recognize the hit, talented, robust men, taking element in competition, with the function of ladies in simple terms primarily based on their bodily appearance.”

Its assertion delivered: “Sports mirrors and magnifies society. If we depict women in recreation in a way that reinforces a slender stereotype, we upload to the strain younger women in particular sense to look and act a positive manner.”

British freelance sportswriter Leigh Copson is a keen UFC follower, along with his 10-year-antique daughter, who has been inspired by means of the girl fighters rather than the women parading out of doors the ring.

He said: “Women had been a great deal more than eye sweet in MMA for some time now – (former blended martial artist) Ronda Rousey’s the purpose my little lady does karate and kickboxing.

“Ring-card ladies were a way of life of preventing sports activities for a long time but I do not suppose they add whatever to the presentation and I would not omit them inside the slightest if they had been removed.”

UFC stated it did now not want to comment on whether or not it’d be reconsidering the usage of octagon ladies.

Although a long way greater general in the US, cheerleaders do make appearances in UK sport together with football, rugby, and cricket.

Zoe Rutherford, managing director of The London Cheerleaders, says cheerleading is frequently misunderstood: “It’s an actual shame that it is linked to the concept of shaking pom poms and looking pretty.

“My dancers are athletes of their own proper – they may be fairly sturdy and bendy and deliver performances of excessive caliber.”

The CrystalsImage copyright Reuters
Image caption
The cheerleading troupe, the Crystals, have carried out at Crystal Palace Football Club for over seven years
Crystal Palace Football Club has released an assertion in defense of its personal cheerleading squad, the Crystals.

A spokeswoman stated, further to elevating cash for proper causes, the cheerleaders contributed to the “precise surroundings inside the stadium”.

She introduced that the membership had in no way received a complaint approximately the Crystals.

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