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September 20, 2021

The Most Common Myths About Armored Cars

Even though armored cars have become more and more accessible over recent years, there are still some misconceptions about certain aspects of the car amongst the general public. Enumerated below are some of these myths and the corresponding facts that help in disintegrating those myths.

Armored Cars

The Difference Between A Bulletproof Car And An Armour Car

The first myth that needs to be addressed is talking about the difference between a bulletproof vehicle and an armored car. A bulletproof car and an armored car are most definitely not the same things. The difference between them is not enormous. However, it is something quite substantial. As a matter of fact, bulletproof cars and not, in fact, bulletproof by the normative definition, but what we term as bullet-resistant in common parlance. Simply put, it means that it depends on the reinforcement of ballistic steel and the category of the gunfire shot taken at the chassis of the car. Bulletproof vehicles are thus known to be resistant to such attacks. However, armored vehicles inculcate a bulletproof car’s properties alongside being more resistant as they also embody the additional feature of ammunition to launch a counterattack as a defense.

They Can Only Be Used By The Government Or Military Officials

Another common myth that needs to be proven false is that armored cars can only be used by those who occupy a significant status in the government domain or are military officials. On the contrary, armored vehicles have become more common amongst the demographic that does not classify themselves as that of the so-called influential people. Therefore, armored vehicles are not just restricted to politicians and people of higher status. A major reason why armored vehicles have seen this democratization is that, over time, we have seen an increase in the levels of risk factors in everyday life. That is a major reason why anyone who holds a proper and valid license can indeed possess an armored car.

The Windows Of The Car Cannot Be Opened.

The next common misconception that needs to be cleared is that the windows of an armored car cannot be opened and, if and when the need arises, they need to be pried open. Nevertheless, this is far from the truth. The windows of an armored car can be opened just like a normal car. The glass used in the composition of these windows is known as the Transparent Armour, which comprises polycarbonate and leaded glass, giving it the resilience and strength to perform as a durable material for the body of the armored car. In doing so, it enhances the level of security that is provided by the car to its passengers. Keep in mind that it is advised not to roll the windows up and down very frequently as they can multiply the rate of wear and tear and amplify any existing damage. Apart from that, the windows of an armored car can be used just like any other car in the market.

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