7 new tricks to strive with Google Assistant on Android

7 new tricks to strive with Google Assistant on Android 1

So, you have got Google Assistant on your smartphone.

Google Assistant on Android

Google Assistant on Android

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As Google’s next-gen synthetic intelligence system begins making its manner to more and more Android gadgets, it’s a query it is certain to return up plenty. Despite everything splashy branding apart, Assistant is quite dark, just like the (some distance less closely marketed) Android voice command device that preceded it. But with all the overlap, Assistant has some interesting new tricks up its sleeves. (Amongst those hints, unluckily, is neither readability nor consistency — However, it is any other tale for any other day.) Wireless matters first: To discover if your cell phone has an Assistant, press and maintain your device’s Home key. In case you’ve gotten the improvement, you will see something like this show up on your display:

1. Control your property

Google Assistant works natively with “clever” Home merchandise from Honeywell, Nest, Philips Hue, SmartThings, and WeMo. When you have such equipment in your homestead, open Assistant and press the 3-dot menu icon in the higher right corner. Select “Settings,” then the faucet “Domestic Manage,” and follow the prompts for adding a new tool.

2. Pay attention to the information

Spark off Assistant and say, “Inform me the information,” to pay attention to a summary of the contemporary headlines from your favorite sources. Need to personalize what outlets are protected? Head into the Assistant’s settings and search for the “information” choice.

3. Get your day commenced

Ask the Assistant to tell you approximately your day (or sincerely say “Excellent morning”) to assess your timetable more quickly. As part of its briefing, the Assistant can provide data about the weather, work commute, upcoming meetings, and pending reminders. It can also track a news summary onto the give up of the rundown, in case you’re feeling particularly hungry for information. Supply it a whirl, then an appearance in the “My Day” segment of Assistant’s settings to take Control.

4. Have interaction with all types of products and services

IFTTT is a powerful Internet-based totally tool for making special online offerings. Interact with each other differently. There may be hundreds of stuff you could do with it and Assistant — growing custom voice commands to ring any phone, turn on your Television, or have Assistant communicate to you in a diffusion of enjoyable ways. You could get thoughts at the IFTTT Google Assistant web page or even create your own “if-this-then-that” recipes from scratch If you need to get loopy.

5. Play a game

No person can be productive a hundred of the time. Google Assistant is reputedly aware of this, so it is given some laugh games standing using and equipped for your subsequent bout of incurable boredom. Want something to do? Inform the Assistant to “play a game,” which will provide you with a top-level view of the options. They currently consist of more than one trivia game, Mad Libs, and something known as Crystal Ball (suppose Magic Eight Ball with less squinting). If you’re bored, you can ask the Assistant to bet the number you are thinking of, too, what’s up, desperate instances.

6. Attempt some variety of hints

Google’s always been capable of turning a coin or rolling a die for you — and it still can — However, with Assistant, you can now ask it to give you a random number. Plus, Assistant can be counted up or down between any digits you want; tell it to “remember from 1 to ten,” “remember from 20 to zero,” or anything that parameters your digit-loving heart goals.

7. Amuse yourself with songs, rhymes, and trendy silliness


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Amidst all the new stuff, don’t forget that Assistant can also nonetheless seek your display screen and come up with applicable info about something it finds — human beings, movies, corporations, you name it — in a function previously referred to as Google Now On tap. Just Set off Assistant and then scroll upward on its box to peer what’s to be had. Wi-Fi But no longer least, Assistant can nonetheless do lots (although bafflingly no longer all) of the matters Android’s Antique voice command device ought to handle — turning on or off device features like c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a and Bluetooth, for example, in conjunction with sending messages, taking pix, setting reminders, and answering all varieties of questions about the weather, site visitors, tour, modern events, and endless different diverse areas. The list goes on and on. If you need a refresher on these not-so-new-However-easy-to-overlook alternatives, do not fear: I have given you protection.

T-Cellular G2 Google Faulty Software, Android Nightmare

I recently decided to improve to a G2 from a T-Mobile Dash that I had for over three years. I determined to upgrade because the Dash was no longer functioning well, and T-Cell had a special offer to upgrade to the G2 for approximately $35 after mail-in rebates. The G2 is a $500 telephone, so I think that is a high-quality deal! After you have the brand new phone, I took each Sprint and the G2 to the T-Cell shop to switch my contacts and textual content messages, which became correctly finished. As soon as that was completed, I desired to ensure no one could access my records on my old Sprint.

Because I had owned the telephone for seeing you later, there has been a lot of saved data that I might no longer need another seasoned IT professional like myself to get admission to. The T-Cellular companion recommended that I reboot my Sprint to restore manufacturing unit settings, which would erase all of my stuff. After showing that all my data had moved to my G2, I finished the grasp reboot. However, I found out in horror that this turned into a mistake.

This became a mistake because once I confirmed that the G2 now contained all the statistics from my Sprint, I was informed by the T-Cell agent that I could also transfer my SIM Card contacts to my new G2 properly. Now, here comes the nightmare: Once I tried to import my SIM card contacts, all of the communications that had been transferred to my G2 from the Dash vanished! As an IT professional, I have to say that this took me by surprise. There were no prompts, no questions, and no way to retrieve my data using the generation T-Cell offers. Neither in-shop associates nor telephone technical support became capable of helping me!


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In my opinion, I no longer think that any laptop device must function so that it deletes whatever permanently without a human’s permission first. And it would not be counted where the information is backed up or how normally it has been subsidized. I have a message for the developers of these systems.


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