What is a Blogging Platform?

What is a Blogging Platform? 1

Blogs vs. Websites A blog differs from a typical website in some approaches. The number one thing distinguishing a blog from other websites is that the content material published onto a weblog is proven in reverse chronological order; that means that the maximum common additions to the internet site are established first. Blog posts will normally display the date the weblog became published and have a particular author assigned to the publishing. Blog posts can also be set to specific classes, making it less complicated to look for all posts on a weblog related to a particular category. Blog posts can also be tagged with multiple keywords, like in every other manner, to search for precise blog posts on an internet site.

Blogging Platform


Top Free Blogging Platforms

Numerous one-of-a-kind groups provide loose and paid services for publishing and website hosting a blog., See Also: The Top Five Free Blog Hosting Platforms. The maximum popular free blogging structures encompass WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Blog.Com, and Medium.Com.

Blogging with WordPress

One of the most famous blogging structures in WordPress. WordPress has two variations: WordPress.Com, where you may have a free blog hosted by WordPress, and WordPress.Org, where you self-host your WordPress blog.

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You can also examine the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org here. These days, there are not many variations in using a blogging platform or website platform for your internet site. Most website platforms allow to have a blog blanket, and most blogging platforms can make normal website pages.

Alternatives to Blogging Platforms


Some famous website-constructing platforms include:

  • Squarespace
  • Web.Com
  • Wix.Com
  • Web Hosting for Blogs

As mentioned above, a famous choice for blogging is using the WordPress platform, which you would host for your website. When selecting a web hosting account, you’ll want to go along with an internet hosting provider that helps unfastened installations of WordPress. Bluehost is a popular choice for plenty of humans.

Searching Engine Rankings from Blogging

Blogging (including new content material on your website) regularly is a splendid way to get ranked inside the serps and get loose site visitors from those searching out records related to your subject matter. The key to getting open site visitors from search engines like Google is to put up exact first-rate, unique content material on an ordinary foundation. You’ll want to do a keyword study to find what subjects humans seek. One of the benefits of using a blogging platform is that it optimizes your blog for search engines like Google. Most blogging platforms can have fields that allow you to include what’s known as “meta-information,” which helps inform engines like Google what your internet site is set to. This information usually consists of a name on your web page, a description of your put-up, and related keywords.


Making Money with Your Blog

When it involves many loose blogging systems, you’re the handiest allowed to apply your blog for personal use and no longer apply it for commercial enterprise purposes. If you propose creating wealth along with your weblog, you’ll want to make certain you’re using a weblog that permits commercial use or certainly self-host your weblog to your website hosting account, as mentioned above. There are many approaches to operating a blog to make cash online. You can promote e-books and other human merchandise online, earn cash as an associate or use your weblog to sell your services and products.

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