What Do Insurance Designations Mean?

What Do Insurance Designations Mean? 1

To illustrate their coverage industry knowledge, coverage specialists have numerous coverage designations to choose from, relying upon their particular information region. In the coursework to obtain these designations, individuals study coverage enterprise practices and insurer operations to serve them nicely in addressing client desires.

Top Insurance Certifications

The standard-bearer designations of their respective fields are the RHU, CLU, and the CPCU.

Designations Mean

  • Health Insurance- Registered Health Underwriter (RHU)
  • Life Insurance- Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)
  • Property Casualty Insurance- Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)

Holders of those 3 designations are visible for the duration of the industry as informed experts on insurance administration, underwriting, and law. In the linked articles at the numerous coverage designations to be had across the industry, you may locate severa different designations defined as properly that insurance specialists have used to advantage and show their insurance knowledge.

Insurance experts have utilized coverage training applications for many years to gain the expertise to serve coverage clients correctly. The academic packages that encompass those designations serve important needs. First, the coursework affords coverage specialists with in-intensity schooling of coverage enterprise practices in areas as broad as administration to advertising and marketing to underwriting. Second, having carried out those designations illustrates an insurance professional’s knowledge of their discipline to prospective customers.

Health Insurance Designations

Health coverage professionals have a extensive form of designations available to understand and exhibit to their clients the breadth of their know-how. Registered Health Underwriter is the top-of-the-line medical health insurance designation signifying understanding of all areas of living benefits, consisting of controlled care plans; person and organization scientific, disability income, long time care insurance; institution dental and voluntary benefits plans. The coursework additionally opinions the impact of federal legislation consisting of the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and others inclusive of COBRA, ERISA, and HIPAA.


The RHU coursework differs with the aid of the issuer; however, it commonly includes the subsequent:

How to acquire: Training centers across the U.S. The RHU coursework consists of AB Training Center, Advocis, The American College, Business Career College, and others. Other respected medical insurance designations consist of those available thru America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). These are:

  • Long-term care (LTCP- Long-term Care Professional)
  • Disability earnings insurance (DIA- Disability Income Associate)
  • Employee Health Benefits (EHBA- Employee Health Benefits Associate), and
  • Health Insurance commonly (HIA- Health Insurance Associate)
  • A speedy growing certification is the insurance designation of CLTC.

Designations Mean

The Certified in Long Term Care designation is becoming well known due to its huge cognizance of promoting long-time care insurance. This designation is to be had through the Corporation for Long-term Care Certification.

Life Insurance Designations

Professionals inside the lifestyles insurance enterprise can pick from many coverage designations to pick out themselves as enterprise experts to their clients. Charter Life Underwriter is the most excellent life insurance enterprise designation. It encompasses know-how in existence and health insurance, investments, taxation, employee blessings, estate making plans, accounting, control, and economics. The CLU courses help individuals boost their profession via imparting an in-depth understanding of the coverage needs of individuals, business owners, and expert customers. Coursework: The CLU designation may be earned by completing 5 required courses and 3 optional publications, among many picks.

How to acquire: Numerous training programs provide publications to finish the CLU designation consisting of AB Training Center, Advocis, The American College, Business Career College, and others. Other Life coverage certification designations encompass the Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) designation, which is offered to folks who pass a sequence of 10 national life insurance examinations on coverage, accounting, advertising, information structures, finance, regulation, control, and computer systems. This designation is available thru the Life Office Management Association (LOMA). Also, the Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) designation can be earned by completing six courses from the American College. This designation focuses on vital existence insurance product expertise with simple making plans concepts so that the LUTCF is aided in boosting their income production.

Property Casualty Insurance Designations

Property and Casualty insurance enterprise professionals have many avenues of coverage designations from which to choose to demonstrate their knowledge for prospective clients. Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter is the ultimate designation in assets-casualty insurance. The CPCU application gives a large knowledge of the belongings-casualty enterprise focusing on the prison, financial and operational element of chance management and insurance. Coursework: The CPCU program consists of 11 guides. Eight publications need to be handed in to earn the CPCU designation. There are 5 foundation guides. In addition, college students select either the industrial or private coverage attention to finish this system.

How to gain: The CPCU designation is obtainable through the AB training Center, the Insurance Institute of America (CPCU/IIAA), the Insurance License School, and others. Numerous other designations can be pursued using belongings casualty insurance experts and agents, consisting of AAI- Accredited Advisor in Insurance supplied by way of the Insurance Institute of America (CPCU/IIAA) stresses the manufacturing aspect of coverage, with a look at in personal and commercial assets and legal responsibility income and enterprise control. AIC- Associate In Claims also supplied utilizing the CPSU IIAA includes academic material masking non-public strains and business lines assets and legal responsibility. CIC- Certified Insurance Counselor supplied by using The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research covers critical factors in personal strains, business casualty, business property, existence, and health and organization management.


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