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October 17, 2021

Virtual Meeting in Style: Fashionable Pieces to Swap Your Sweats For

There are limited chances to dress up these days, and honestly, during the initial months of the pandemic, it was a breath of fresh air not to have to dress up for work. But for most people, the purpose of dressing up isn’t only to look decent at work or impress others; it’s a way of expression and a medium to channel out creativity. With fashion limited to indoor clothing, you cannot try many styling options with your sweats and rugged shirts, but at the same time, there’s no rule saying you can’t dress up in fancy clothes at home. If dressing up in fine clothes was a part of your pre-pandemic work routine, you can incorporate it back into your lifestyle and be stylish even when working from home. For styling inspirations, you can start with the ones below.

Virtual Meeting in Style

Girl Boss Vibe

Monday is the most critical day of the workweek. It’s the day when meetings often happen to align employees on the goals of the week. During your zoom meetings, you can exude your professionalism by dressing the part. Some pieces you can use for this are a blazer with defined shoulder pads over a blouse, plus some trousers in a color that complements the rest of your fit.

Vacation Style

Working from home is more relaxing than conventional work arrangements, but instead of wearing your sleepwear when accomplishing tasks remotely, you can motivate yourself to work harder through fashion. You can opt to wear vacation-style clothing during weekdays, such as maxi dresses or polo shirts and a pair of khakis.

Comfy and Cozy

Since you’re cozy at home anyway, you might as well remain that way for your whole shift, except make it fashion. To combine comfort and style, you need to choose pieces that look luxurious despite being cozy. For example, you can wear a loose knitted sweater and partner it with jeans. Wearing an elegant dress can also be comfortable when you match it with a warm cardigan.

Try Overalls

At times, your desk job can be so stressful it starts to feel like physical labor; during these days, you must endure by encouraging yourself with a good outfit. If you have less time to dress up and need to wear something easy yet stylish in an instant, then overalls are your best option. Jumpsuits and overalls are easy to wear and to make them even more appealing, you can match almost anything with them. They go well with sneakers or heels and long, short, or sleeveless shirts.

Go Denim

Denim is a statement piece which is why you only choose special days to wear them. This clothing is tricky to use because denim on denim can make it look tacky, and matching it with other fabric can make it seem uncoordinated. But there’s a safe and fashionable way to make denim on denim work for you. Believe it or not, you can wear different denim pieces at once, as long as they come in various shades. You can clad yourself in a denim jacket over a denim shirt, plus denim jeans.

Impress Using Wrap Dresses

Like overalls, dresses are easy to wear and almost don’t need additional styling techniques to look fashionable. If you’re meeting a client or having catchups with your team over zoom, donning on a dress is a perfect choice. With a dress, you can keep yourself comfortable and have more time to fix your hair and make-up. Although barely needed, you can still spice up your outfit by wearing attractive pieces from trusted jewelers.

High Teen Look

When you feel brave enough to explore other styles, you can try one that combines vintage and modern designs. The high teen style is prominent for its touch of the classic preppy look enhanced by modern pieces. Coordinating is an essential part of copping this style, and you might even have some clothes in your wardrobe that you can use. For example, you can wear a plaid skirt with a simple shirt and a blazer to match your bottom piece. For inspiration, you can create a mood board featuring characters from the movie, Clueless.

Casual Fridays

Being stylish requires creativity and high energy levels, so you can’t always try elaborate fashion. On some days, you need to go for simple and minimalistic. To end your week, you can completely break away from your memorable Monday fashion by going casual. On Fridays, you can attend your virtual meeting in a simple shirt and jeans, but with a good pair of kicks or pumps to give it a chic finish. Wearing a shirt and shorts will also do as long as you pair it with a nice blazer.

Few things can make working from home fun, but you can get a much-needed motivation by allowing yourself to dress up in stylish pieces. Next time, you will be dressing up for a promotion interview.

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