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Top Wealth Management Firms 1

When choosing a nice wealth management company to work for, one reasonable way to slender the field is to focus on the top companies in terms of profitability. Wealth management traditionally offers a much more stable stream of sales and earnings than the instead volatile and cyclical funding banking and securities trading features.

This listing of the top competitors in this subject is ranked by the quantity of pre-tax income generated via their wealth management divisions. Although the definition of the wealth marketplace is exceedingly elastic and could vary using a company, a commonly common version includes clients with at least $1 million in monetary belongings; however, many companies set the bar to decrease at $250,000.


Wealth Management Firms

Swiss-based UBS is a main global monetary massive. Oli Scarff/Getty Images News UBS generates roughly $3 billion in pre-tax profit from wealth management activities, one-of-a-kind of fantastic objects for unauthorized buying and selling losses. This represents over half of the general pre-tax earnings for the company as an entire.

While UBS has been within the economic information for competitive cost and headcount-reducing in recent years, these projects aim to pare lower back funding banking and securities trading to place an expanded consciousness and emphasis on wealth management. UBS has a large footprint among wealth control clients within the Americas, with about half of its wealth management property coming from clients inside the western hemisphere. Around 10 percent of property comes from Swiss customers and 25 percent from different Europeans.

2 Bank of America

ML-bull-brand.Jpg The famous bull emblem was adopted by Merrill Lynch in 1974. © Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bank of America is the figure employer of Merrill Lynch. It also has its U.S. Trust and Bank of America Private Wealth Management divisions in its segment reporting for Global Wealth and Investment Management. Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley are in near competition for the biggest pressure of economic advisors inside the U.S. Marketplace, with over 15,000 each. However, Merrill Lynch has the maximum efficient financial advisors. They average $1 million in revenue every. More


3 Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is now a chief participant in wealth control. PhotoAlto/Eric Audras/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images Wells Fargo ranks third with over $2 billion in wealth control pre-tax profits. Its banking operations are so huge that this represents below 10 percent of the corporate general. The acquisition of Wachovia made Wells Fargo a primary country-wide participant in securities brokerage.

4 Credit Suisse

Zurich Paradeplatz Credit Suisse Travelstock44 – Juergen Held/The Image Bank/Getty Images Credit Suisse leads the sphere regarding the percentage of general pre-tax profits originating with wealth management—a strong 75 percent. A predominant participant in personal banking and securities brokerage, Credit Suisse also has a diversified wealth control commercial enterprise.

5JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase John Moore/Getty Images News JPMorgan Chase amalgamates Banc One, Chase Bank, and old-line Wall Street investment banking and wealth management firm J.P. Morgan & Co. It earns about $1.5 billion in pre-tax income from wealth management activities, which bills around 6 percent of the enterprise general. More

6 Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a prime monetary advisory company. Jose Luis Pelaez/Iconica/Getty Images Morgan Stanley’s wealth control operations have been substantially greater in scope with the aid of the acquisition of Smith Barney from Citigroup. The wealth management department contributes over 50 percent of overall pre-tax earnings. Morgan Stanley has increased its ownership stake in the former Smith Barney to a hundred percent possession. More


HSBC is a primary international player. Yuji Sakai/Digital Vision/Getty Images HSBC is a worldwide banking large that earns almost $1 billion in pre-tax earnings from wealth management, representing most effectively a modest five percent of its general profits. More

8 Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is an international wealth management giant. JayLazarin/E+/Getty Images Deutsche Bank is a Frankfurt-based total bank that garners approximately 8 percent of its overall pre-tax earnings from wealth control, or just under $500 million. More


Barclays’ reach extends a ways past its home base of London. Headquartered in London, Barclays generates approximately $400 million in pre-tax income from wealth control or around 7 percent of its average backside line. More

10 BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas, based in Paris, reviews excessive consumer pride. Charlotte Nation/The Image Bank/Getty Images. The Wealth Management unit of BNP Paribas has been named the high-quality personal financial institution in France and the best bank globally for philanthropic services, in step with the Global Private Banking Awards collectively organized by using The Banker and Professional Wealth Management magazines. The firm reviews nearly $300 million in pre-tax wealth management earnings for about three% of the organization’s total.

Influences on Profits

The profits ascribed to the wealth control divisions of these firms may be heavily motivated by inner transfer pricing rules and processes. The odds are that transactions with wealth management clients can contribute to big earnings ascribed to other divisions of those corporations, consisting of funding banking and securities buying and selling.


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