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January 8, 2021

Steps to Take if you’re Suffering from Alcoholism


Alcoholism is a disease that continues to affect tens of millions of people in the world. Approximately 86 percent of people have drunk alcohol at some point in their life. Nearly 26 percent of people 18 and older engage in binge drinking. Eighty-thousand people will die from a alcohol related death year, it is a disease that not only affects you, but also affects your family and loved ones.

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While many signs of alcohol abuse are unnoticeable, there are a variety of warning signs to help potentially detect alcohol abuse. Many people try and hide their abuse by drinking alone, this will create a challenge. Many times, mild alcohol abuse can quickly escalate into a potentially dangerous situation.

Your Health is Important

Often times, overcoming alcoholism requires you having to go to a specialized treatment facility because the detoxing process can cause symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can cause you to have a seizure or extreme pain; these symptoms should be addressed by medical professionals. Regular drinkers will quickly build up a tolerance that will require them to need more and more alcohol. Alcohol abuse will eventually take its toll on your health.

Alcohol Abuse Can Lead To:

  • Liver Failure
  • Pancreatitis
  • Cancer
  • Alcoholic Hepatitis
  • Stroke
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Cardiomyopathy

Steps you should take to beat Alcoholism:

Recognizing you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

It may be difficult to recognize you have a problem, but the sooner you admit it, the better. Many people dealing with alcoholism fail to realize how bad their addiction has gotten. Some abusers will neglect their daily obligations and go into a state of isolation where they will drink alone undetected. It is important you realize the symptoms of alcoholism and address it.

Remove all temptation

An important part of maintaining your sobriety is removing all alcohol from your home; this will help you focus on your recovery. Sometimes temptation can get the best of you, it’s important that you eliminate this temptation, not only by removing the alcohol from your home, but also you may want to avoid situations that can potentially cause you to have a relapse, such as parties that have drinking, events where alcohol is serving, and you may also want to generally try and avoid the alcohol section at your grocery store.

Make sober friends

Another important part of sobriety is distancing yourself from your old drinking buddies. This will help you focus on your recovery and eliminate people who enable you’re drinking. This can be one of the hardest parts for you to overcome your addiction, because drinking with people who also suffer from the same addiction will act as enablers, feeding off of each other’s addiction. If you want to lead and maintain a sober lifestyle, you have to remove these people from your life and work towards making friends that better impact your sobriety.

Seek treatment

Seeking treatment is the most important part of maintaining a sober lifestyle, and there are multiple alcohol recovery resources available to you. A counselor or self-help group will give you the support you need to aid your recovery process. When trying to overcome alcoholism it is important to realize, you are not alone, as alcoholism is a global epidemic. Seeking a treatment program is a very useful tool to maintaining your sobriety. AA continues to help millions of people overcome alcohol abuse.

Craig Bowen

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