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Review of 1 is one of the most famous blogging packages to be had. There are important motives for its recognition. First, it has been around longer than every other blogging software program, so bloggers are familiar with it. Second, it’s completely free and easy to apply. Since Google bought Blogger.Com several years ago, the features and gear available to Blogger.Com customers have persisted in development.

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Price is mostly a problem for bloggers. is completely free to users. All of the capabilities and services available through are offered free of price to all users. While Blogger.Com is obtainable to customers without cost, you may need to pay for that and to pay for that if you want to get your very own domain name.


Its versatility is a key advantage in selecting Blogger.Com as your running blog software. Bloggers aren’t confined to the number of visitors or garage area their blogs generate and use; they can create as many blogs as they want. Bloggers who use Blogger.Com can also govern the templates to be had to them, allowing you to generate more specific weblog subject matters. Many bloggers love Blogger.Com because it automatically integrates with Google AdSense to earn money from their blogs from day one. Additionally, Blogger.Com customers can edit their blogs’ codes to encompass advertising from different businesses.

Ease of Use is frequently called the perfect running a blog utility to begin a new weblog and the ideal for applying for beginner bloggers, particularly in publishing posts and uploading pics. Blogger.Com also offers a huge kind of capabilities. Unlike other blogging software programs in which additional functions are to be had at a further rate or through outside upload (which may perplex amateur bloggers), Blogger.Com gives users easy entry to the gear they want to customize their blogs to meet their needs.


While Blogger.Com is simple to apply, it does cause frustration for a few users. For example, it’s far more restrained in capability and customization than WordPress.Org. You need to weigh your wishes towards expenses and technical necessities to decide if Blogger.Com can help you meet your running blog dreams in the future.

Hosting Options

Blogger.Com blogs, hosted by way of Blogger.Com, are given URL extensions of ‘.Blogspot.Com’. The area a blogger chooses for their Blogger.Com blog will precede ‘.Blogspot.Com’ (for example, www.YourBlogName.Blogspot.Com). Unfortunately, a Blogspot extension has come to connote an amateur blog within the minds of net audiences. Professional bloggers or extra skilled bloggers who want to apply Blogger.Com as their blogging software regularly choose to use a different blog host, letting them pick their own area call without the Blogspot extension.

Bottom-Line is an extraordinary option for amateur bloggers looking to get a weblog released fast without charge, with a huge variety of features and the potential to consist of advertising to earn cash from their blogs.

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