Loan Officer and Credit Counselor Careers

Loan Officer and Credit Counselor Careers 1

A mortgage officer assists potential clients in applying for loans and determining the kind and amount of loan most suitable for their desires. They also assess the creditworthiness of loan applicants, judging their suitability as debtors and the proper phrases (interest fee, repayment timetable, etc.) on which credit score can be granted to them. Depending on the location, a loan officer may be expected to actively seek our customers instead of passively anticipating candidates approaching their financial organization (bank, credit union, etc.) for credit.

Loan Officer and Credit Counselor Careers 2

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Loan Officer vs. Credit Counselor
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) considers a credit score counselor to be a subcategory of loan officers with comparable talent sets and levels of repayment.

A mortgage officer tends to concentrate on one of the three foremost varieties of lending: business, consumer, or loan. Commercial lending is the extension of credit to groups. Consumer lending consists of personal loans, schooling loans, domestic fairness loans, and auto loans. Mortgage lending includes loans for purchasing the actual estate using people (a business usually would be served using a commercial mortgage officer, even for real estate purchases) or refinancing existing mortgages.

A Bachelor’s Degree is anticipated. Coursework in finance, accounting, and economics is useful, though now not required. Excellent quantitative capabilities are important; however, so is the ability to make accurate tests about people, mainly their credibility and reliability.

An MBA could make you a more potent candidate for hire, depending on the firm.

Most mortgage officer positions do not require any unique certification or licensing. An outstanding exception, however, is mortgage lending. Most states adjust this area, particularly concerning jobs in mortgage banks or brokerages rather than conventional banks or credit unions.

Loan Officer and Credit Counselor Careers 3

Duties and Responsibilities
Most loan officer positions combine sales obligations with analytic necessities: promoting loans even as figuring out who are suitable customers and on what terms. Some places are largely centered on analytics, not using an income dimension and confined customer contact. People in those styles of jobs are, on occasion, called loan underwriters. Other positions specialize in managing customers who are having issues assembling their payments. One instance is a loan series officer, who attempts to train session agreements with borrowers that regulate the compensation phrases.

Typical Schedule
Most people in loan officer jobs tend to paint a 40-hour week. A customer mortgage officer is most probably to images set hours from a selected region, including a financial institution branch or workplace. A business or mortgage loan officer frequently has to images variable hours to confer with customers at the latter’s workplaces or residences. Accordinglyspend giant time out of the office and on the road.

What’s to Like
Depending on the firm and its rules, a loan officer could have a big degree of professional autonomy, extra comparable to being an independent entrepreneur than a company worker.


If the reimbursement scheme is fee-primarily based, there may be a close correlation between overall performance and praise, with high profits capability. Also, doing all your jobs well can make a discernible, nice impact on your clients’ lives.

What’s Not to Like
Rejecting mortgage candidates who do now not meet your organization’s lending standards can be an ugly process, as can coping with clients who’ve run into financial difficulties and can not pay off their loans as agreed. Also, loan officials expected to prospect for brand spanking new customers may be under heavy stress to carry out, the disadvantage of the more earning ability that any such function gives.

Median annual reimbursement turned to $58,820 as of May 2012, with 90% of incomes between $32,600 and $119,710. Compensation schemes range using enterprise, with various combinations of profits and fees.

Where commissions are paid, they generally reflect the wide variety and fee of loans originated. The highest pay programs tend to be fee-based totally and at big institutions. As with all task categories, anticipate big geographic pay differentials.



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