Laying On of Stones

The approach of the usage of crystals and gems at the receiver’s body for healing is referred to as laying on of stones. It is a powerful technique of cleansing poor power, clearing and balancing the chakras, effecting emotional release, and bringing mild and recuperation into all of the air of secrecy bodies.

Cleared, programmed, and dedicated stones circulate the receiver’s vibration into alignment with the planet and the commonplace grid. This consequences in a freeing of existence force power inside the chakras and charisma, a recovery of the Body of Light, and a transformation of poor or dis-ease into health.

The method may be performed with clear quartz crystals simplest, coloured gemstones best, or a combination of each. The stones may be used alone or with a palms on restoration (ie; Reiki). The stones are located upon the receiver’s body from toes to go. The healer then starts offevolved using her palms as common starting at the head and transferring towards the toes. (Use gem stones with shades matching each chakra’s coloration. The stones may be in any form-faceted, raw gemstones, tumbled stones, crystal eggs, or crystal beads.) Energy on this kind of recovery wishes to move in a single path thru the frame, either Earth to sky or sky to Earth.

If the energy is Earth to sky, all of the gemstones which have factors are positioned with the points turned closer to the receiver¹s crown. The impact of this course is to move the receiver’s strength to a better vibration or more non secular level. If the course is from sky to Earth, it’s miles the alternative, with the crystals pointing closer to the ft.


This direction actions life pressure strength from crown to feet for grounding and rooting into Earth.

To begin, the receiver lies on her returned on a padded ground or rub down table, with pillows beneath her head and knees for consolation. The space should be quiet, relaxed, and warm. Use only stones that have been committed to superb electricity and programmed for recovery (see:

Programming Gemstones and Crystals).Invite spirit guides and angels into the session if you desire.

Start by placing a clear quartz crystal above her head and under her ft. In the right hand place any other crystal and inside the left hand vicinity a rose quartz gemstone. (my non-public method). Then pass chakra via chakra, transferring from the ft to crown and setting an appropriate colored gemstone for every middle (see: Gemstones Associated with the Chakras). (Be sure you have your recovery stones unfold out where you could reach them without difficulty.) There may be stones that you are interested in for a particular motive, permit yourself be guided, there aren’t any real guidelines. You cannot do it wrong. A stone that isn’t always needed for the consultation or is irrelevant for the receiver’s power will roll proper off or roll to every other vicinity in which it’s miles better utilized. Allow this to occur.

If the receiver feels uncomfortable with a selected stone, eliminate it, the electricity isn’t always proper for her desires.

When the stones are all in place, the healer has two alternatives. She (he) can go to the head and start a arms-on restoration. Be certain to cowl the stones along with your hands carefully in order not to scatter the gems. While your palms are overlaying every chakra over the stone, visualize the bright coloration of the gemstone entering the chakra, making it seem brilliant, balanced, focused, and wholesome. Do this visualization until you experience assured to move to the next chakra. Be certain to flick arms to release any bad strength before going to the following center. End with a entire brushing of the charisma.

The other choice a healer has as soon as the stones are positioned is to take a seat beside the receiver and clearly wait, allowing the gem stones and spirit courses to do the recuperation.

As the receiver¹s chakras and aura absorb and are balanced with the aid of the crystal and gem energies, the stones start to roll off separately. When all the stones are off, or the receiver feels finished with those that stay, the restoration is over.

End with a whole brushing of the air of mystery and allow the receiver to lie quietly without the stones. Ask for comments and talk something that you’re feeling should be discussed. While she is doing this, the healer can accumulate up the stones from the table or floor and clear them once more earlier than setting them away. Put them into your protecting container.

A laying on of stones healing may be quite extreme. There is often a major strength shift all through this type of recovery. More frequent emotional releases, beyond existence and this existence trauma openings and other transformative events. The healers role in this is to watch for the release to cease and to be completely non-judgmental. After a consultation, there may also be a bodily detoxification procedure that could preserve for up to a week. Be aware about what’s happening and once more, allow it. The adjustments are usually effective and are usually gentle.