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May 17, 2021

From Internet of Things to Insights of Things – 14 design tips by Doug Beaudet, VP Experience Design, Honeywell

Doug Beaudet is the Vice President for Global Experience Design at Honeywell. He was earlier Global Director for Experience Design at Whirlpool and Senior Research Programme Manager at Eastman Kodak.

Doug, who graduated from Virginia Tech and University at Buffalo, spoke at SAP Labs’ current Design Talks meetup in Bengaluru on how innovation is pushed through middle technology, connected additives, and powerful design. Here are 14 takeaways from his interactive consultation, moderated with the aid of SAP’s layout evangelist Visvapriya Sathiyam.

This publish is a part of YourStory’s d-Zen (‘design Zen’) series of articles. See additionally the layout suggestions with the aid of digital media guru Monika Bielskyte on developing worlds with VR and AR, and practitioner insights from the Design4India and DesignUp meetings.

Industry benchmarks are now from the consumer sector

Consumer area products which include smartphones are actually putting the layout bar for business product manufacturers. Industrial designers additionally want their products to look and experience as cool because the iPhone – because increasingly clients are the usage of smartphones and apps.

Industrial merchandise wants to be handy and monitored through apps. Many of Honeywell’s products along with air purifiers now have an app interface with dashboards and management capabilities. The company is now trying to be the “Apple of the industrial sector”, Dough explained.

The design is now related
We are residing in a world of increasingly more linked gadgets and environments, thanks to IoT and ubiquitous wi-fi networks. “Customer insights are the proper enabler of related devices,” stated Doug. (See also my opinions of the books Connected through Design and Code Halos.)

He drew on Honeywell’s huge work in rising fashions of related homes, intelligent factories, and clever homes. Impacts of linked design variety from safety and safety to productivity and new offerings.

Use layout to reduce complexity
The design isn’t just about what a product looks like or approximately creating client preference, but how smooth it’s far to use, keep and repair. “Design is not only a bright object,” stated Doug.
Early air purifiers have been complex to maintain and required lots of tools and manuals. Honeywell’s new purifiers have lower back covers that may be without problems unhinged. There are indicators that mirror what the air best is inside and outside the rooms and faraway-control options via apps. There also reminders for clear out replacement. The product in China is offered thru regionally famous channels along with JD.Com.

Leverage facts to synthesize higher merchandise
Data can be incorporated from more than one resources to provide unified perspectives of a setting. Honeywell has designed heads-up shows (HUD) for pilots that may be used even all through conditions of fog and haze.

Such synthetic vision systems boom situational attention. Impacts encompass improved safety for pilots and passengers, much fewer flight delays, and much less congestion at airports.

Unmesh Kulkarni, Visvapriya Sathiyam, Doug Beaudet, Lakshman Seshadri
Increase design sensitivity
Not everyone will take up the design as a profession, but it’s miles imperative for techies and managers to understand the significance of layout and the way to paintings with designers. It is vital to no longer just construct a design team, however, ensure that the cost of a layout is favored throughout the business enterprise, via education and workshops.

Honeywell becomes founded in 1906 but delivered a formal design branch only in 2012. It now has 300 designers in 12 studios throughout towns inclusive of Seattle, Austin, Phoenix, Mexico City, Beijing, Shanghai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Sydney, and Brno. The organization also invests heavily in training fashionable managers approximately design.

The design team have to work with enterprise leaders and operational managers to build an internal language layout and bake it into existing approaches, systems and gear. For example, there should be normally agreed upon formats for customer journey maps and stakeholder engagement.

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