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May 17, 2021

Blogger Tips: Hearty and Healthy Grains!

When you need a hearty and healthy meal that is additionally nourishing, satisfying, comforting and delicious, grains are one in every one of your excellent alternatives! They’ll fill you up while also being a nutritious and engaging dish. If you’re stuck in a rut with a way to prepare dinner and consume grains, our top-notch bloggers have lots of suggestions and hints for notable grain recipes an excellent way to make you smile. Find these ideas on our Food Monster App, and make sure to check out some extra wonderful Blogger Tips!

1. Polenta
Baked Herbed Polenta With Pesto
Image Source: Baked Herbed Polenta With Pesto

Have you had the magic this is polenta but? You can mess around with the feel of polenta to make it more like cakes and fries, or make it creamy and comforting – whichever manner you want it, the flexibility of polenta approach you can enjoy it so many one of kind ways! Start with this Baked Herbed Polenta With Pesto from Mark Reinfeld– how excellent does that look? If you like a less attackable texture, these Quick Polenta Cakes With Lentils and Veggies from Christin McKamey are for you. For a pleasant and creamy polenta dish, Julie Van den Kerchove‘s Creamy Polenta With Caramelized Chicory is confident to be a favorite!

2. Risotto

Image Source: Turmeric Leek Risotto

Risotto is the epitome of creamy and comforting grain dishes. You can make it with a selection of various vegetables, proteins, anything you experience! Check out this Turmeric Leek Risotto from Kristina Jug & Mitja Bezenšek. Mushrooms are a traditional addition to risotto, and you’ll love them on this Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto from Jessica Verma! Simona Malerba‘s Lemon Basil Risotto is likewise an exact winner. And speak of risotto…

3. Farro

Image result for Hearty and Healthy Grains

Image Source: Farro Risotto

Did you already know risotto may be just as great made with farro, like on this Farro Risotto from Kristina Jug & Mitja Bezenšek? Farro is an excellent and extraordinary hearty grain on the way to fill you up and make you smile. For greater evidence, do that Masala Spinach Farro from Gunjan Dudani, or Sauteed Mushroom Farro from Maggie Jones. Try a few bright new flavors for your farro with this Lemon-Ginger Farro Salad With Pomegranate and Pistachios!

4. Barley
Vegan Valentine’s Hummus and Pearl Barley Bowls with butternut squash and sesame seeds
Image Source: Valentine’s Hummus and Pearl Barley Bowls
Barley: talk about nutritious and delicious! More and extra people are enjoying the amazingness of cereal, and if you’re past due to the sport, it’s time to try it! These Valentine’s Hummus and Pearl Barley Bowls from Sasha Gill can be considered one of your new favorite manner to revel in a delicious bowl. For a few citrusy and savory goodness, test out this Lemony Pearl Barley Salad With Almonds and Herbs from Sarah Gory, or for an easy weeknight dish, strive a Simple Barley Salad from Elsa Brobbey!

Need extra delicious recipes? We incredibly advocate downloading our Food Monster App, which is to be had for each Android and iPhone and can also be observed on Instagram and Facebook. The app has extra than 15,000 plant-based, hypersensitivity-pleasant recipes, and subscribers benefit get admission to new methods each day. Check it out!

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