5 Tips if You Plan on Applying to Medical School

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Do you plan on applying to medical school? If a career as a doctor is in your future, then there are several things you need to know.

Undergrad Classes to Take

5 Tips if You Plan on Applying to Medical School 1

You must complete specific undergrad programs to be accepted to medical school. You must complete general courses and essential elements for pre-medical education, such as biology, organic chemistry, calculus, physics, English, psychology, anthropology, and foreign languages. You will also need to graduate with a GPA of at least 3.5. Medical schools require a Baccalaureate Diploma before they will accept your application. Medical schools also look for students that are well-rounded and passionate about the medical field.

Extracurricular Activities, Volunteer Work, and Internships

rain, Inflammation, Stroke, Medical

While studies are important, colleges also want students with interests and hobbies outside their schoolwork. Extracurricular activities show your diversity and that you are well-rounded with many capabilities. You should highlight any work experience you have that is related to the medical field. This may include volunteering at a nursing home or hospital or helping organize a blood drive. Volunteer work and internships show your interest, passion for the medical industry, and ability to work towards a goal.

Study for the MCAT

You can’t get into med school if you don’t pass the Medical College Admission Test. College is filled with many tests, but this is one of the most important for prospective medical students. Many students register for exam prep for the MCAT before registering. The test is given 14 times per year at Prometric Testing Centers, and you can retest until you pass or get the score you need for the medical school of your choice.

The exam has recently received some changes. It now takes eight hours to complete. There is no longer an essay portion of the test. A new section has been added to determine if students can deliver medical services to different cultures and sociological groups. You should give yourself up to 12 weeks to study and invest in suitable materials. You may also want to join study groups and sign up for exam prep for the MCAT to help you prepare.

Research Medical Schools

When it comes time to apply to med school, you must choose the right one. This takes some careful consideration. You want to consider the cost, location, class sizes, financial aid options, and the number of spaces available in the program. It’s also a good idea to meet with the school’s administration so you can ask questions and tour the school to make sure it’s the best option. You may also want to talk to current students at the schools that interest you to feel for the student life and environment.

Application and Interview Process

Med schools accept students on a rolling basis and will only have certain spots available. They will admit students until those spots are full. You must fill out your application and complete an interview before being accepted. Your MCAT scores, GPA, and extracurricular activities will be considered during this process. You must demonstrate your passion, experience, and motivation during the interview. You should submit your application as early as possible. Suppose your application is not accepted the first time. In that case, you may be sent a secondary application asking for an essay and more information that the school will consider before making a final decision on your acceptance. After your secondary application, you will receive an interview, your last chance to stand out.

Final Thought

Good luck! Applying for med school is a big deal, and there are many things to consider. These are just five tips to help you in medical school.

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